Work in Progress

I'm sorry that I've been Sir Not Appearing in This Blog for the last few weeks.  Babies, teething, you know the drill.  I've been pretty limited in my crafting, too.  Most of my time has been spent on one of my two current big projects.  I had two skeins of Wollmeise "Pure" from a grab bag that I bought before it was called Wollmeise "Pure," one each in We're Different (sort of like outlet-store version) Nicole and Franz with Chicken Pox.  ...more

Free crochet knitting baby patterns

Time for some more free patterns!  Crochet and knitting baby/child patterns These have just been posted at And you can get all of the links and pattern information there!!   Enjoy, and happy crochet and knitting!!   ...more

*Free knit crochet patterns Sanderella's crochet blog

 Come see some very nice free patterns on my blog!!  All links and information there! Here are some collages of what is available ...more

Start As You Mean To Go On

I've had several knitting pattern ideas bouncing around my head for awhile, and I'd like to start publishing some of them....more
Thanks! I just used a premade one on blogger because I'm a bit low-tech. It is tricky to try ...more

Invisible Progress

It's been a busy week or so at my house, but I don't have much to show for it in the way of pictures.  I spent the early part of the week in Nashville for work.  I had terrible flights there and back (so happy that I'm almost grounded), but a lot of fun while I was there.  I went to a Nashville Sounds...more thanks Robin! You are especially nice for liking my scary lamby :)more

KCBW: Looking Forward

The last day of Knit and Crochet Blog Week asks us to look forward a year and see where we want our crafting to have taken us.  This one is pretty easy for me because I have a plan and I've been working on it.  By this time next year, I really hope that a few of my design ideas have moved from Evernote and my brain to public availability....more

So What Do You Want?

Since I decided to branch out into writing knitting patterns to share with others, I've been paying more careful attention to what I like and don't like in the patterns I knit.  Specifically, I've been thinking a lot about how much detail I want the designer to include and how much direction I want them to provide in the pattern.  It seems like this topic has some currency in the knitting community.  The Yarn Harlot just wrote a ...more
@Karen Ballum  I'm guessing they begged the nice people at the LYS for help?  That's probably ...more