Reforming Play-dough: What to Do with Other Peoples' Expectations???

We all do it, we expect things from other people and when we don’t get what we were expecting we feel disappointed. Now this blog isn’t about how we need to keep our expectations in check although that is true, it’s about other people’s expectations of us??? How should we handle what others think about us and expect from us???...more

Knowing Yourself

Mt. 5:17-19 One of the guys said to me last night--"you keep your word, and you want swerve from what you believe."  It hit me, he is right, there was a time when I swayed like the wind, but now I have found that security comes from within, never from the outside, death has no fears, and I am who I am and where I was born to be--with all my idiocentricies, craziness,, I am loved by Jesus, the One who called me before I was born--and that is enough, more then enough. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!...more