Parenting Through Passover and Finding the Yes

This week is Passover. It started with the first seder last Friday evening and ends this Saturday after sundown. In the meantime, we, as Jews, are prohibited from eating any kind of leavened bread, along with other restrictions, which is both more complicated and simpler than it sounds. It does mean a huge disruption to our routine, a change in the way we handle and plan meals, and me saying "no" to many requests for various snacks and favorite dinners. ...more

Making My Tribe

The Rabbis' Banquet, or Why it's 'kosher' not to keep kosher

image via Cafe Press ...more

The Comfort of Food -- The Best Thing I Ever Ate

Comfort Food – The Best Thing I Ever Ate – Kosher Connection Monday Round-Up 15 Apr ...more

Modern Matzoh

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A Fabulous Minute Steak Recipe for the Jewish High Holidays

When making our Rosh Hashanah menus, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the thousands of kosher recipes on many other sites. Here at The Jewish Hostess, I really try to sort through all of the wonderful kosher Jewish holiday recipes out there, and I try to publish the ones that I would make for my own holiday dinners. This minute steak recipe is delicious and takes about 15 minutes to prepare. It's a no brainer....more

A Royal Rosh Hashanah Table Setting

http://thejewishhostess.comEnjoy this Rosh Hashanah inspiration from 2011!...more

Funny, you don't look Jewish...

image via Kosher Ham  Why is it that nearly half of all the food in American supermarkets is kosher-certified? There are roughly 6.5 million Jews in the U.S., just about 2% of the population. Maybe a million of them keep kosher....more

Classic No-Fail Hammentashen Recipe

Pork-Flavored Poultry: The Kosher Breakthrough of the Millenium

image via Bang it OutKosher Pork. It's like the Jewish version of the Holy Grail....more