Pork-Flavored Poultry: The Kosher Breakthrough of the Millenium

image via Bang it OutKosher Pork. It's like the Jewish version of the Holy Grail....more

Skyping into the Seder: When Technology and Holidays Meet

Jack and Estelle and their family unofficially "adopted" me about 30 years ago, and we have became family. I have participated in almost every Passover seder with their family since then. These have largely been in NYC. This year (for a variety of reasons) I am unable to join them all at their son Daniel and his wife Leora's home in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I put on a brave face, but my heart was hurting. ...more

So for two nights we did it! I loved it. It worked perfectly -- I could see everyone -- and ...more

Ooh, Ooh, That Smell... I Can Smell That Smell

I volunteer with Meals on Wheels. Well, actually, it's Kosher Meals On Wheels. Aren't I altruistic, fabulous and riotous? I know, I think so too. I began my journey towards sainthood, (or mitzvaland) about two months ago and I love it. I deliver on Monday's and the people that I've met are truly wonderful and they're a constant reminder never to get old! Holy crap, that is not pretty....more

The Power of Latkes: A Shiksa's First Hanukkah

I celebrated my first Hanukkah eight years ago, back before I converted to Judaism when I was really and truly a shiksa (aka a non-Jewish woman). I had studied Judaism a bit in college, but I didn’t have any practical experience when it came to Jewish food or holiday traditions. Meanwhile, my fiancé is as Jewish as they come. Needless to say, I was slightly out of my element. ...more

I really liked reading this post. Although I didn't marry into a Jewish family and am not ...more

Eye'z Doesn't Keep Kosher But Other's Do

For me lately to 'post is to be'.  Although for the time being I am not posting on my own blog (a whole other topic), I feel the need to keep the public aware of the on-goings in the Food world of the internet and Montreal. ...more

Kashrut, Ahimsa, and Picky Eaters at Family Meals

On any given night, I make three meals, which may sound like your house as well, except that our reasons probably differ for the assortment of choices at the dinner table. Our family keeps kosher and we practice ahimsa, which means that our five-year-old twins need to perform mental math on a daily basis weighing out what they want for dessert vs. what they want for dinner and divide by how hungry they are in the moment. ...more

It's cool to hear how people work it out living in a non-kosher friendly area (because it ...more