My Favourite Recipe of 2014

 And for the final entry in the Best of 2014.  Sarah at Fantastical Recipes and the Secret Recipe Club are hosting these Countdowns.       ...more

Going Nuts for Sweet Almond Desserts!

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, I had kringle. And not just any kringle, but the most deliciously creamy almond kringle ever made. These traditional Scandinavian pastries are a delicacy in the northern part of the U.S With layers of flaky pastry and a variety of sweet fillings, I have long been trying to recreate that perfect bite from so many years ago....more

Bah humbug...

Yesterday my eight year old daughter discovered It is a website that is devoted to all things Santa. You can write Santa an email, as well as poke around the website playing games related to all things Santa. Yesterday she was over the moon to discover this year you can instant message elves. She spent most of the afternoon trying to “stump the elf” with difficult questions about the holidays....more