Playing as a Team: Do You Have Builders or Breakers?

In our house winter is basketball season and, while I’m not a rabid fan, I do watch my fair share of games. The thing I like about basketball is that it is such a clear picture of teamwork. Only five players on the court, each responsible for both offense and defense, each with an assignment, but all that really matters is getting the shot. In the end, it’s about making more shots than the other team....more

Closing the Skills Gap: Is It Really a Technology Issue?

The so-called “skills gap” has become a hot topic lately—lots of people are talking about the problem, but few have solid ideas about how to solve it. In a nutshell, unemployment in the U.S. is still high, but employers are saying they can’t find the workers they need to grow their businesses. So what exactly is this gap, and how do we fill it? ...more

Think You’re Too Old? That Employer Might Think So Too

With some of the recent unemployment statistics it’s no surprise age discrimination continues to be a hot topic. Looking for a job is hard enough.  Feeling as if you are being discriminated against for any reason makes it even harder to keep moving forward.   There certainly are documented cases of age discrimination. Yet often job seekers create a trap of their own making when it comes to feeling “too old.”  ...more

Critical Thinking and Creativity Key: Job-Seekers Need to Be Prepared

In a recent study1  of corporate employers critical thinking and creativity were indicated as important skills they need from new hires. The catch is that companies are not providing training for these skills, they expect new employees to come prepared in those areas....more

Workforce Readiness and Training: Don’t Rely on Employers to Bridge the Gap

A perfect storm is brewing, setting us up for a workforce that will be ill-prepared for the jobs of today and the future. Young people are graduating from high school, and even college, lacking basic skills required for success on the job. Companies have ever-increasing needs for basic, applied and specialized skills to compete effectively. And employers are becoming less and less willing to provide on-the-job training. These three factors are leading to a substantial gap between company needs and the preparedness of workers, with employers not necessarily willing to bridge the gap....more

What Employers Look For: Performance Skills Are Critical To Career Success

Whether searching for a new position, or looking to advance your current career, it’s necessary to understand the skills and traits employers are looking for.  In an environment where education and training is fairly accessible, it is possible for technical skills to become a commodity. If so, then what will set you apart from all the other candidates when applying for a position?In a recent survey, Portfolio Creative found performance skills (how you do the work) to be at least as important as technical skills (the work you do)....more