CAMP X-RAY Shows Kristen Stewarts' Potential!

CAMP X-RAY Jeri Jacquin Coming to theatres from director/writer Peter Sattler and IFC is a film that This film tells the story of Cole (Kristen Stewart), a soldier who joined the military to get away from the small town life. Wanting to go to Iraq, she is instead assigned to Guantanamo guarding prisoners. After learning the ropes a conversation begins with Ali (Peyman Moaadi), an inmate who has been at Guantanamo for over eight years. Day by day they push the conversations further and further until Cole realizes that her view about Ali has changed. ...more

Balenciaga Rosabotanica (2014) {Perfume Review & Musings}

Of the designer perfume launches of 2014, Rosabotanica by Balenciaga is one of the most obvious examples of a fragrance sold via market places like Sephora, which has been reconceptualized thanks to the codes of niche perfumery. Yes, the great paradox here is that niche perfumery is becoming mainstream......more

Snow White and the Huntsman

Original post on xoxoxo e...more

Movie Review: Snow White and the Huntsman

Question: Are you tired of Hollywood beating a storyline to death? Or when one studio gets the idea to do a film and miraculously another studio ends up making a film about a very similar tale. How does that seem to happen so often?...more

Snow White and the Huntsman Promises Fierce, Sexy Examination of Female Power

I've waited months for Snow White and the Huntsman to open, and finally on Friday it's time to find out who is the fairest of them all. I'm excited because the extended release trailer shows a rich visual landscape worthy of escape. I don't know about you, but I am ready for a summer flick that sucks me into an alternate universe full of action, adventure and fantasy. ...more
I saw it this afternoon, and I think that it does all that you hoped. Great commentary on ...more

Banned Books Week: Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight"

When Stephenie Meyer launched on to the book scene in 2005 no one could have guessed that she'd be launching one of the most successful series of the decade. Not only that, but with Twilight she turned all that we thought we knew about vampires upside down. Suddenly vampires could go out in the sunlight, they just didn't because it made them *sparkle*. ...more
@eclark730 Exactly. My non-reading young teenager picked up the first three books in this series ...more

Acne in your 20s – What you should know*

In order to maintain healthy skin that is clear of acne there are three things you should know: 1. What type of acne do you have? If you know what type you have, you can get the proper treatment for it. Your dermatologist should be able to help you out with this....more

When Twihards Name Babies: Who's a Cute Little Cullen?

Nothing says "I love you" to a new baby than a name that suggests the undead. After all, what could be more admirable than the ability to drain another person's blood with your razor-sharp teeth? If you're not really into vampires, you can always go to werewolf route and align your child's moniker with Team Jacob. So many are, after all. According to Time magazine, people are loving names from Twilight for their offspring. ...more

That's such a shame because Holden is a great name. Tell him it has nothing to do with the car ...more