Kroger vs Wal Mart

For a long time now Kroger's was one of the only places to get your groeries around here.  As I got older more and more grocers popped up, some sticking around for years others were gone so fast I barely remember their names!Just recently Cincinnati and Daytonn regional Kroger's announced that they would be slashing prices on hundreds of items and as of March 1st would no longer take double coupons, that has thrown a wrench in my savings plans let me tell ya!...more

10 Reasons Why We Shop at Kroger

On our journey to save money and cut costs, we have figured a few things out.  One of those is shopping at Kroger-brand stores.  There are many reasons we prefer shopping at Kroger versus other grocery stores or superstores like Target or Wal-mart.  While we honestly haven't done a ton of side-by-side price comparison on different products, we still firmly believe we save more overall shopping here at Kroger. ...more

Oh pepper plants, why do you tease me so?

I was a wee bit disappointed today to find out from one of my favorite market vendors that I can't plant peppers for another three weeks. Apparently they are not hardy plants and won't bounce back if we get a late frost. However, I do have a few tomato plants in the ground - Better Boy, Beefsteak, and Cherokee Purple - and today I planted a small selection of herbs in my brand new herb garden. A little rosemary, lavender, oregano, sage and tarragon to start. Still, I really want those peppers! ...more

I was dreamily looking at all of the new garden supplies, perrinals, and annuals...But sadly ...more

Houston Area Kroger's Stop Doubling/Tripling Coupons

I woke up this morning to some really upsetting information. A friend on the Family Friendly Frugality Facebook wall posted that Houston area Kroger’s announced that they would no longer be doubling/tripling coupons.I was pretty bleary eyed and barely awake, so my first response was, “Oh boy, THAT rumor is circulating again.”.  Let’s face it, in the coupon world there is always impending doom on the horizon! How many times have we heard that Walgreens and CVS are getting rid of Register Rewards? Or that stores are going to stop accepting printable coupons outright.However, something about this didn’t feel like all those other times (and the source much more reliable…Thanks for the info Cheryl!) so I quickly Googled to find out more information....more

I don't know what Wal-Mart's coupon policy is but I've never had a problem using my coupons ...more

Harris Teeter and Bloom

Hello, Hello i was going to post last night but it was late and I didn't make it through the post. So this weekend both Harris Teeter and Bloom have triple coupons!  The rules are that you can triple any coupon that has a face value up to .99.  There also is a 20 coupon limit at each store.  You can also only use up to 3 of the same coupon at Harris Teeter. I have already made a Harris Teeter run and will post my results from there soon.  I will run into Bloom tonight, Keep Klipping! ...more

I just realized that Bloom doesn't start until tomorrow.  Not sure if I will make it or night.  hmmmmore