Lemonade and Zombie Party

Make lemons into lemonade is the recurring theme of my life the last couple of months. The ongoing saga of injury and athletic pursuit as well as the ebbs and flows of my personal life have been written here a few times. There is nowhere to look but forward so I try my hardest to make the best of situations. Last Saturday, I could have sulk over the disappointment of a cake that did not turn out as pretty as I hoped. It tasted great but less than photogenic was considered much too kind of a description. See for yourself....more

Aunt Rose's Sour Cream Cake

I absolutely adore a well-used, much-loved recipe. At our wedding shower in Ohio last year, my Gram passed this recipe on to me, along with a bundt pan to make it in. ...more
I love to bake; I bake a variety of cakes and breads from scratch (like French breads and ...more