Understand the Man

Ive been reading a number of articles lately about spicing of the marriage, and some commentors struck a chord in me when they piped in about their husbands being the ones less interested in sex.  I have experienced this frustration, too, since over the course of 12 years with the same person, dry spells will obviously come and go.  I have pined, raged, and despaired, only to spiral upwards into new bliss....more

Yogini Ana Brett Replies to Body Image Discussion

Earlier this week, I wrote a review of Ana Brett and Ravi Singh's newest Kundalini Yoga DVDs.  Little did I know that it would lead to an intense discussion of body image. Ana Brett had gone from brunette to blond recently, and this touched a nerve.  But what really seemed to bother people was how little she wears on these DVDs. So I followed up with a post, If You're Happy and You Know it, Show Your Thighs.  I knew this was a good opportunity to talk frankly about how we feel about our bodies, using Ana as a mirror to face this particular set of demons. ...more

Interview with Subagh Kaur

Today at blisschick, I have posted an interview with Kundalini yoga teacher Subagh Kaur from 3HO Brasil.  Her insights are compelling and insightful.  Please joing us! ...more

Interview with Yogi & Sewall House Retreat owner Donna "Amrita" Davidge

Join me today at blisschick for an interview with this amazing yoga teacher and retreat owner.  Donna has been a teacher since 1985.  Her first teachers were Ravi Singh and Yogi Bhajan, the man responsible for brining Kundalini yoga to the west and for giving Donna her spiritual name, "Amrita," which means "nectar of immortality." ...more

Wednesday Interview with Yoga Teachers, Ana Brett & Ravi Singh

Join me at www.blisschick.net on Wednesday, May 21st for an interview with renowned Kundalini yoga teacher Ana Brett, who works in tandem with her husband Ravi Singh.  Ana's words are enlightening and encouraging about living your bliss every day! ...more