Meaningful Gifts For Kwanzaa

Conceived in 1966, Kwanzaa is an African-American holiday, celebrated between December 26 and January 1. The seven days represent seven principles to unite African-American communities. On each day, some families gather to reflect or demonstrate a principle. ...more
Torture crimes of the inventor of Kwaanza: ''Deborah Jones, who once was given the Swahili title ...more

10 Facts about Kwanzaa You May Not Be Familiar With

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Kwanzaa – A Celebration of African Culture

[Editor's Note: The seven-day festival of Kwanzaa begins on December 26. What's Kwanzaa, you ask? Well, read on! Laina Dawes explains the basics of this celebration of African culture. --Grace] ...more
I remember the time my family sent my husband a Kwanzaa card for the holidays because he's from ...more

Happy Kwanzaa!!

Wishing my readers a Happy Kwanzaa!...more

Holidays and Business: Striking a Balance

I have a theory about why there is so much stress around the holiday season...and it holds no judgment or specific-holiday-tradition-centric connotations. Do you know what it is? ...more
Your post is spot on. I gave up my notion of "perfect" a long time ago, and that applies to ...more

How to Keep Black Friday Spending Under Control

I did Black Friday one time. It was a year when we had Thanksgiving in Kansas City without my husband's family for the one and only time I think we've done that since we got married -- we were broke, broke, broke that year, too broke to take a car ride/cheap hotel Thanksgiving roadie, and I was willing to try anything to stretch my holiday dollars farther. I got some good deals, but I also threw up in my mouth a few times at people's behavior, so now I try to avoid Black Friday at all costs. However, I am not going to judge anyone who wants to do it. So let's talk about how to do it best! ...more

Best Gifts for Extreme Couponers

Wondering what to give that extreme couponer in your life this holiday season? Hey, she's saving you money. Let her at least be cute about it. (Who are we kidding -- of course it's you, so, hello? Take some of those dollars saved and gear up for a big 2012 of couponing!) ...more
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Explaining Holidays to Kids

It happens every so often -- you're talking to a kid and they innocently ask you what Chanukkah-Christmas-Kwanzaa-Solstice-Diwali-Zamenhof Day is all about (because they celebrate something else), and you start stumbling through the answer. I mean, I know what Chanukkah is about BEFORE someone asks. In my head, it is absolutely, perfectly clear, and I can even visualize miniature Macabees engaging in guerrilla warfare. ...more

I have a background in religious studies and I can give lots of history and 'facts', but many ...more

What We Can All Take Away From Kwanzaa

Last week we gathered at a friend's house to learn about and celebrate Hannukah. It was a great fun evening which we will be repeating. We left a little wiser about this particular celebration and with a much deeper appreciation of any holiday that emphasizes fried food (latkes and donuts) and gambling (dreidels) as part of its celebration. It got me thinking about the other celebrations happening this time of year and how we ALL might embrace some of the messages these holidays hold as their center. ...more