"The Closer" Returns with "Products of Discovery"

It took me a while to get into "The Closer."  My good friend Legal Eagle had been raving about it from the beginning: how great it was, how great Kyra Sedgwick was, how fabulous her chracter Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson was.   But because I don't always like the street level blood and guts of cop shows it took me until last year to give the show a try. Then I understood what my friend was talking about.  Kyra Sedgwick is a natural in the role and the character is unique, engaging and tough as nails.  I liked her. ...more

She looks really great for her age. The post is rather muscular but feminine.

Mandy is the ...more

Where the Award Winning Actresses Are

If you want to see talented actresses plying their craft these days basic cable might be a better bet than your local multiplex.  Shows starring strong leading female characters are setting the ratings on fire in the cable world.  In USA Today, Holly Hunter comments: "The whole cable industry has been validated by that show's success," says Hunter, whose Grace, premiering July 23, will follow The Closer. "That it's a female lead has been great, not just for women but for everybody, because people understand that people want to watch women in the lead (roles)." ...more