For The Love of KINGS...

This was what I wrote to my kids teachers and school today via email:Dear Teachers:Please accept my dearest apologizes for what my husband, Brad, (AKA, the beyond insane sports fan) is doing.He’s convinced of several things:1)      The LA Kings will win tonight.2)      Our lives will be less-than if we do not attend.3)      We will somehow be able to pay our mortgage after scalping tickets to this game....more
Go Kings! Best of Luck tonight! I would love to be at that game :) Next year it will be the ...more

Stanley Cup Finals: Go, Kings, Go!

What team does this?  What team makes the playoffs in the second-to-last game of the regular season and then, almost too easily, beats the #1, #2 and #3 seeds of their conference to earn a spot in the Stanley Cup Finals?...more
JChandler, thanks for the read and for your comments.  Glad to see there are others out there ...more