This Blogger is Done with Parenting Labels (and you should be too)

This Blogger is Done with Parenting Labels (and you should be too)As a society, we like to label things, specifically types of people. What easier group to try to label than parents?...more

Dining with Dignity

I read with a heavy heart the story of group diners in North Texas receiving their checks to settle their bill only to discover that that the server has used a derogatory word (in this case the infamous "n" word) to describe each diner at the table. The explanation was the server used the "n word" as a label  to keep the order straight and he meant nothing by using the word....more


For years, I loved labels. I was a runner and I wanted the world to know. I wanted to look like a runner and I wore that label everywhere I went. I loved it when people came up to me and said, “You must be a runner.” Often they would add a “You’re so thin” or “I can tell by those long lean legs” or some other comment on my weight/body type....more

No Mess No Fuss Watercolor Labels

So, wanna talk watercolor labels? Remember I shared some Waterlogue app love in an earlier post? Well, I wanted to share how I created these lovely labels using this fun app. I'm always looking for different ways to present little happy packages to loved ones, and thought it would be a good idea to try this little experiment out using Silhouette's Print and Cut feature....more

Finding Comfort and Peace

I follow other blogs. Most blog writers follow other blogs. Many people who don't have blogs, follow blogs. Blogging is a personal thing for many people. It's a way we can connect to others. It's a way we can share life. It's a way we can get validation. It's a way for us, all of us, to feel a sense of community....more

The Inner Path: Don't Lose Yourself in A Role

  Authentic human interactions become impossible when you lose yourself in a role. ~ Eckhart Tolle If you sometimes find yourself becoming attached to what you do and the job title that you have, to such an extent that they begin to feel like part of you, as one.  Know that your title, for example, as manager, officer, teacher, parent, secretary, etc, are functions you fulfill... roles you play, they are not you. It's one thing to tell others what you do for a living by introducing yourself with your job title or social position, but it's  when you completely become that job function or title you begin playing a role.   When you think you are the roles and functions you have,  then you also think that a person with a more elevated role than yours… boss, manager or executive, is better than another role.. a janitor, bus boy or taxi driver, etc., and that creates a big problem of labeling people as anything other than human being. I am a teacher                                      I am a doctor                                                        I am a manager                                                                                       I am a wife                               But it's really when you identify with your function, to such an extent, that you lose authenticity and takes you over and becomes a role you play, that you lose sight of the fact that who you are requires no belief or validation... because you are not your job, possessions or social position....more

What is so Great about being Great?

If Joe Had a Hammer...

There is this boy I know. We'll call him Joe. Joe takes classes at the karate school where I teach. He is very strong and very fast, two traits that are constantly on display because Joe is never still. He cannot be still. It seems to hurt him to try. When the other kids are attempting to control their bodies (no small feat for any child), Joe is spinning in circles. Or he is lying on the floor kicking his feet. Sometimes he is making loud skreetchy sounds reminiscent of a pterodactyl. Or laughing at his own private joke....more

The Truth About Wine Labels

So today I was reading the label on my wine bottle, which is not something I usually do because, let’s be honest, I couldn’t tell the difference between “oaky” and “elmy” (is that a thing?). I am no wine connoisseur—I mostly choose my wines based on their price and label. Trader Joe’s is great for choosing wine. There are maybe 8,000 different kinds of wine for under $10. And truth be told, I generally stick to the under-$6 vinos anyway. Why spend a bunch of money when I wouldn’t even know the difference? ...more
@icescreammama Oh, I've paired wine and cookie dough many times. A delightful combination, if I ...more

The Bad Stuff Sticks?

Every time I happen upon "Pretty Woman" on television I can't help watching the movie to the end. There's just something about the movie that captivates me. I feel the same way about 'My Fair Lady' - which is more or less along the same lines. I think the story of the underdog getting a break and making the most of it and winning the 'hero' over by just being herself that gets me....more
 @Corinne Rodrigues The one I have is in Italian, it's entitled, Prega Il Padre Tuo Nel Segreto ...more