My day in the hospital laboring with prodromal labor. There's a first time for everything!

Well I had a first the other day. I got to experience going to the L&D ward, sitting in triage for a good four hours, being moved to another waiting room to see if I would progress more and then being moved to an actual labor and delivery room with the intention of having my water broken at 1:00am. All to wake up the next morning with contractions having stopped and being sent home exhausted, overwhelmed and extremely disappointed with my baby still in my womb....more

Homebirth should be a Choice, not a Controversy

A recent study published by the Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA) has shown that for planned homebirth there is no increase in negative outcomes versus hospital birth but there is a substantial decrease in interventions and c-sections.  I was very excited to see that there was finally a well done study showing the safety of homebirth and was hopeful it would finally help put the controversy over homebirth to rest.  Unfortunately, a few days later a second study came out by ...more

You Can Decline Services: What I Wish I Knew About Hospital Bills Before I Gave Birth

Hello All, Happy two days until Christmas. This year will be yet another year of giving homemade presents because I am BROKE! I am still paying off the $10K I racked up in hospital bills last July when I gave birth to my beautiful little boy on July 7th. ...more
I believe it! I wish I knew this when I had my first child. I remember  getting the bill and ...more

What's the strength you're bringing to labor and delivery?

Many pregnant women worry about how labor and delivery will be and how THEY will be during that labor and delivery. It can seem like an intense situation where it’ll be easy for you to be thrown off of “your game.”I ask women: What strengths might you be able to leverage during your pregnancy? What are you good at?Whatever your innate strengths are, you can find a way to leverage them to help you enjoy your delivery process to the best of your ability and to know that you’re being YOU during labor....more

Maternity Facts & Stats: Tips for finding your perfect birth facility

As I plod along this prenatal journey of mine, I've recently starting paying more and more attention to the typical ways of the US maternity system. While so far I've admittedly lucked out with my care providers (although the politics of the bigwigs has indeed affected my birth plan in a most direct way), it's not without great pains and thorough research that I came across the facility and team that I've chosen to pursue my care with....more

Useless Epidural Advice: Think of the Letter C

All of a sudden I feel this sharp pain in my lower left back. The pain makes me tense, so when she puts the epidural in, she says, "Arch your back." The lovely nurse says, "Think of the letter C." I'm thinking of the letter C. Okay. The anesthesiologist nurse says, "I didn't get it. We will have to try again."...more
@MyMommysPlace That sounds like a lot better experience. Wish I had that calming feeling. I ...more

So This Is What Labor Feels Like

I can tell by my sister's part of the conversation, my brother-in-law is losing his patience. He can't find my list and his daughter is screaming. My sister says, "Well then go change her and call me back."Just as my sister hangs up the phone, the doctor arrives. He decides he's going to break my water...goody for me. I'm not exactly sure what to expect when he says that, but I guess it just means I'll be one step closer.As the doctor feels my stomach, I say, "How much do you think he will weigh? I want to see if you or my doctor is closer." ...more

My Worst Nightmare

I’m not ready for this. I still have things to do. He’s not supposed to come for two more weeks. Well, at least another week. I was willing him to come the first week in November…after Halloween. No, I can’t be contracting. I don’t feel a thing. What the heck? I don’t have a bag with me. I don’t have anything with me. Ohhhhhh-myyyyy-gooooossssshhhhh (as though it’s one word drawn out)....more

OH NO, This Can't Be Happening...

As I get ready to go to my mom's house the next day, I feel fine. The situation from last night doesn't even enter my thoughts, as I quickly pull my hair back and throw on some clothes. It's just my mom and my sister's family; I don't need to look good for them. They've seen me at my worst. It's about 4 p.m. when I get there, and my twelve-year-old nephew greets me with a hug and whispers, "Did your water break?" I knew it was so unlike him to offer a hug, because usually it's me begging for one. I guess it's that your aunt a hug is soooo uncool....more

An Unexpected Surprise

The day started out just like any other day. I got up lazily late and made my way to the bathroom. Just like every other morning, the bathroom is my first stop, especially at almost 38 weeks pregnant. This time, however, I notice something different. As I pull down my pajama bottoms and panties, I notice a little wetness but don’t think much of it....more