The Big Day

Like many first time parents the day came and went that our first little bundle of joy was meant to greet the world. Day after day passed. I gave up hope. This kid was never coming out. Then seven days past his due date, he gave signs of arrival. Off we went to the hospital, along with The Bag that had been packed for an eternity....more
It was a while ago  Denise, 15 years actually! Things haven't changed much since then, he is ...more

It is, isn't it?

     Sass Monkey (my 4 year old son) told me last night that, when I had the baby, I was "gonna ESPLODE just like this, Momma!". He then proceeded to throw himself up in the air, flail out all four limbs while making a booming noise, and land face first on the bed in glorious physical illustration of my impending L&D experience. I am starting to think he may be right....more

It's TIme

Lucky for me, my sister put my bag within arm's reach. I lean over, dig through its contents, until I find what I'm looking for. There it is! Ocean blue and screaming my's as though I've never seen a better sight in my entire life. And at that moment, I don't think I have. I plug it in and wait a few minutes. Then the magic starts to happen. I have no mirror or hair pins, so I'm not even sure how this is going to work. But I'm desperate....more