6 Punches & Cocktails for Your Labor Day Bash!

Say farewell to the end of summer with fruity, tasty cocktails…you know you want ‘em. -PJ Gach...more

15 Gluten-Free Side Dishes for Labor Day

 Meat, fish or poultry on the grill, drinks on ice and plenty of delicious gluten-free summer side dishes mean one heck of a good time with family and friends on Labor Day!...more

Try Summer's Kiss Goodbye & 9 Other Cocktails to Salute Labor Day

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Labor Day Fun...

Our long Labor Day weekend spent with our favorite Arizona peeps in Scottsdale was nothing less than a blast! It went by in a flash... We hiked, soaked up the sun, ate some great food, had a lot of laughs and just enjoyed spending time together again. Oh, Mark & Jack played a little Diamondbacks baseball too. Click here to see his hit which was the only run driven in for his team (the white team-how appropriate right?) I rocked my white denim for one last time and it was the perfect way to end summer......more

Happy Labor Day!

I know that a lot of people – including moms! – still have to work, I hope everyone here in the USA is having a good Labor Day. For my peeps overseas, I hope you are having a nice regular day!However, being the progressive liberal that I am, I cannot help but offer up a reminder that, like Memorial Day, this holiday marks something for which people died....more

Summer's End

Happiest Labor Day to everyone! We've certainly worn our fair share of red, white and blue this weekend and finally bought a flag! {Thank you Safeway for having flags 75% off this weekend!}...more


I know many of you are hanging “on the sidelines” this weekend at your child’s sporting event.  Dedication is often a word we use to describe our children when it comes to their sport.  However, I never thought of applying that word to what I do for their sport....more

Last Summer Staycation

It's sad, summer is almost over ; ( But Fall is pretty awesome as it brings Halloween, crisp air and lots of pretty colors.But we can still have one last summer blowout this Labor Day weekend! For many who have already started school or are on a budget, getting way out of town might not be an option so I've compiled some fun ways to have fun this last summer weekend in your own hometown!Soak up the fun and sun before it's gone for another year!...more

Half-baked peach pie

*Spoiler alert: This post makes specific references to the plot of Labor Day, so if you’re thinking of seeing it, don’t say I didn’t warn you!*Last night, as I headed to an advance screening of Labor Day, I was reflecting that it had been ages since I’ve seen a movie targeted at my own age group....more
Karen Ballum I don't think my expectations were particularly high for this one, either - I was ...more

My Labor, His Day