3 Women of Color to Lead the NEA, the Largest U.S. Labor Organization

On July 4th of this year, the National Education Association (NEA), the largest U.S. labor organization, made history: its membership elected three women of color as its leaders, and its first female head in 25 years....more
They've got my attention! As I was researching the article, I realized that I've known of Al ...more

Hospital Bag Must Haves for Mama

I started to write this post the day before I ended up going to the hospital. I was going to just delete it, but there are so many people with questions as to what to bring to the hospital... especially as a diabetic/c-section patient. So I thought this post would be even more beneficial because I could talk about what I actually ended up using. ...more
Good idea about the extra bags! The hospital gave me some plastic ones but that would be nice to ...more

12-06-1994 "B" Day

"I'm tired...I'm having this baby today!" I said to "Baby Daddy" who just smiled (that damn condensending smile) and said, "Okay. You said that last night." "No, I mean right now!" I said but while he made a beeline to the bedroom closet to get my bag, I plopped myself in our living room recliner. I suddenly decided that I wasn't going anywhere. I was perfectly fine sitting in that chair while "Baby Daddy" was jumping around trying to find his car keys. How is he supposed to get me to the hospital when he can't even find his keys?...more

Birth Story

Considering that there is no miracle more impressive than the one of a new human being entering this world, giving birth can be pretty uneventful.  ...more

Remembering the things that I'm forgetting.

You know how they say you forget the pain of labor and childbirth? I didn't.  I had two incredible birth experiences. I breathed through the rushes. My midwife massaged my back. I threw up on my ex-husband. I sucked on the most delicious ice cubes. I swore like a mother when the back labor kicked in and silently thanked my midwife for approving every single expletive. I remember it ALL. ...more

New Book 'Behind the Kitchen Door' Exposes the Injustice of the Restaurant Industry

Over the past month or two, my office has been a veritable hotbed of infection. Even some of those who are normally immune to hacking coughs and feverish faces have been felled by the viruses running rampant this flu season. Lucky for us, when one of us is too sick to work, we have paid leave to fall back on, or the flexibility to work from home. This is not so for many restaurant workers in America, which means that when they're sick, they're often on their feet, in the kitchen, preparing food that ends up on all of our tables. ...more
@Butiwantcake That's so problematic. Ugh. Come back and let us know what you think of the book ...more

Preparing for Childbirth in the Digital Age

To start off with, let me make this perfectly clear: I am NOT going to take a video of myself in labor and post it for the world to see on YouTube. The world does NOT want to see that kind of crazy, trust me. THAT kind of crazy is reserved for the people I really love and really want to scar for life (i.e, my husband). Nor am I going to Skype with you between contractions....more
@Laine Griffin Thanks for helping alleviate some of the guilt I feel about being so "connected" ...more

Embracing the Tiger

  I’ve got to be honest. I’ve been rather lackadaisical about this second pregnancy. I mean, getting preggers again after only 18 months since Em’s birth has made me feel pretty “been there, done that” about this whole thing. I’ve actually felt quite guilty about my lack of nervousness and anticipation....more
Thank you, Laine! I can't believe it is only 10 weeks away either, but I'd give my right arm for ...more

It’s a 2012 “Big Thing” – I Deliver a Baby

Well, not really. But mostly. I mean practically. Not from my particular body, but...Let me explain....more

OMG I Can't Wait to Be a GrandMother: How Can We Bring On Labor?

I made it to Hawaii and Johnny Mac Pippin's mom looks like she is very ready to bring him into the world -- but Johnny Mac Pippin is not showing any sign of moving. Well he's showing a lot of signs of moving, elbows and knees and feet banging around inside there -- but he's looking altogether too comfortable and I'm ready for him to come out and kick ME a little bit. So how the heck do we convince him that it's time? Are there any tricks for bringing on labor that really work?...more
 @Lisa Stone  I'm glad I'm here too and very thankful we didn't have to wait too, too long! ...more