My (semi) natural childbirth- a happy birth story

This is a happy birth story. For all of you expectant mothers who are avoiding people's birth stories for fear of losing your will to deliver, let me say that it is possible to have the birth you hoped for but also, birth is only the beginning! No matter how your birth goes, you will love your baby and he will love you. ...more

Well done!!! Im in awe of you!!!

my partner and i have only just started to try for a ...more

The Truth About Motherhood

There’s a club, more exclusive than the Junior League, the country club, or any other social/philanthropic women’s club, it’s called the Mommy Brigade also known as the bliss/insanity that is Motherhood. Ok, yes, there are many, many women in this club, from all countries and walks of life but do you know of any other club where the initiation rite is producing a human being? ...more

Are universities abusive employers?

The economy sucks. You're not sure what to do, but you really enjoyed college, especially all that great stuff you read for your English major. You're thinking you should go back to school. After all, people have been predicting for more than a decade that there is a big wave of retirements coming to the professoriate soon. Should you invest the next several years in graduate school so you can become a professor? Um, no. ...more

40 weeks later and Tyler is Finally in my arms

6 Hours after arriving at the hospital, Tyler was finally in my arms.  I gave birth at 10:52 this morning.  They had to give me oxytocin (medical induction liquid) because Tyler was still very high and I had already lost my amniotic fluid. I am extremely tired since I haven’t slept in over 30 hours but my happiness is giving me the adrenaline I need to keep going.  Talk about being ON TIME, he was born exactly on his due date.  He weighed exactly 9 pounds (4.08233 kg) and measured exactly 21 inches.  ...more

Chronical of events behind the money crisis- our economic storms were forecasted.

For a chronical  of events behind the financial storms of our times, explore the lost worlds in the globalist free trade Flat World at or search under tapsearch, tapart news, tapsearcher for many more sites and references. It is based on the real world from the streets of USA and contains data not found anywhere else.   See also a review of The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman at  It is a "corker". ...more

Consumer Reports: high-tech births=poor outcomes

Consumer Reports isn't just for researching your next car purchase or washing machine anymore. That's right, that longtime resource for product reviews has broadened its scope to include health and wellness. In a recent article Consumer Reports tackles the topic of childbirth, concluding that "Too many doctors and hospitals are overusing high-tech procedures." ...more

yay for shopping for childbirth methods and approach in the same logical comparison model as ...more

Say Aahhhhh....

There was an interesting study done a short time ago confirming a commonly held belief in the childbirth field. This study concluded that the cervix and vocal fold tissue behave similarly when tested. ...more

The Invisible Others

The plight of low-income people is invisible to mainstream society. They live in segregated neighborhoods, take on thankless jobs, go unnoticed even though they are in plain view, and enter through side and back doors of hotels, or more correctly, through servants’ entrances. I went to Wal-Mart the other day and was handed a receipt that read across the top: “I’m Amna. ...more

No Dads In the Delivery Room?

The following headline, at the Daily Mail, caused my eyes to pop just a little earlier this week:  A top obstetrician on why men should NEVER be at the birth of their child ...more

That's why we had a home eliminate the OB out of the equation completely.  No ...more

The Business of Being Born- My Review

I watched The Business of Being Born (TBOBB) last night (available now through Netflix). This is a documentary produced by former talk show host, Ricki Lake, on the state of birthing in America. As I posted the other night, in short the summary of the film is this: (from The Business of Being Born's Website) ...more

That was Dr. Marsden Wagner... isn't he great? :-)more