Ripped Denim + Lace.

I love a good fashion contrast. For example: ladylike lace and scuffed + ripped denim. An all-black base makes the look easier to pull off than a color combo, and really– what trumps black? I couldn’t resist adding a little sparkle in the form of my new statement necklace and a pair of bright red criss-cross pumps. Off to happy hour I go!...more

Return To Neverland

Bonjour Frock Stars.  Instead of doing my usual "One Item, Five Ways", I'm doing an entire week of DIY wardrobe updates.... So, I'm serving up DIY for five days.  I get really sick of my clothes and constantly think I have nothing to wear, but really, my closet's stuffed with a bajillion different things.  Instead of going shopping this weekend, I remixed the shizz out of my wardrobe.  It's fairly simple to make something old new again.  Since it's Monday, and I never want to be at werq (I don't want to grow up), I'm gettin my DIY on with Peter Pan collars....more

Peek Out

Happy Friday Frock Stars!  Since Friday’s rock, I thought that I’d give you a sneak peek at what I’m werqin with next week.I’m going to show you how to turn a dull old dress like this…Into something new and fabulous, like this (not finished yet)…...more

Little black lace top

A black lace shirt is a must have in my book. ...more

Pretty Pieces

  I'm always looking for girly pieces to add to my wardrobe. I'm currently craving these pretty pieces - all under $100.00. Gotta love that!...more

DIY Antique Lace Window

I wanted to put an antique window in my girls room on top of their dresser. I have seen some amazing ideas with antique windows and photos, but I wanted to keep it simple with fabric.Here's the window front:Here's the back of the window:I was excited to find Ikea now sells lace by the yard for under $4....more
That is so, so cute! Simple, elegant, cheap... what's not to love?more

Lightbulb moments thanks to the wonderful teachers at Sock Camp

A.K.A. Homer Simpson "Doh!" moments....more

I was floored when I first heard about "sock camp" and went even before I knitted more than one ...more

Rodarte for Target

I got to Target around 4 in the afternoon last Monday and the section of the store near the entrance where the Go International line always hangs was virtually empty....more

I really like the black lace halter dress & the raincoat.  Thanks for sharing.  ...more

WORK STYLE - Wink * Alexander McQueen * BE & D * Juicy Couture

Get This Look: Wink Kristen Dress Alexander McQueen Deep Cut Silver Metal Slingback BE & D Kan Kan Zip Tote Juicy Couture Lace Drama Necklace Find out how to get this look and more on Style Wrap ...more