Motivated to be motivated

Every Monday on my blog I do a meme called "Motivation Monday."  It started off as a way to kick start my weight loss and training for a mini marathon, and it's quickly developed into motivation for whatever is dragging me down that week.  This week's motivation has to do more with focus and getting tasks done.  So without further ado.... Motivation Lost? ...more
@Nain  Great! , I have my link to Twitter on my profile, I just sent you a tweet.more

One of "Those Days"

Some days just take more effort than others.  Days when the coffee pot just isn't big enough.Days when your hormone meter is either raging on high or running almost on "E".  Days when the energy just isn't there.  Days when you can't seem to find the motivation to do just the most basic things that need to be done.  Days when every single tiny thing frustrates you.  Days when you can't seem to cut through the fog in your brain.Days when even the most simple things seem to take soooo much effort.Days when Murphy's Law is playing ou...more
 @HomeRearedChef Much better! Gardening in the warm sun has done wonders :)more

'Motivation: where are you?'

I am aware of it, but it still surprises me how relative is motivation to mood. For the past couple of days I have let myself been driven by my mood swings and it has been quite an unproductive vicious circle I have found myself in. Unproductive in terms of my writing, I have had less control over my eating, finding the slightest comments made by others about what I wear to what I eat irritating, and most of all, I have been unwilling to think positively. In fact I have come to loose sight all the possibilities, loosing touch with my motivation. ...more

Strike While the Iron is HOT!

I am a list person.  I make a lot of lists with a lot of to-do's...And a lot of it never gets done.  Well, it DOES get done, just not in the timely fashion I would like.  Partly because of my procrastination (why do today what you can put off until tomorrow???) and partly because I just write down too much damn stuff to do!  Seriously, I have set the expectations for 24 hours in a day way too high. ...more

Why is My Son Acting Like Such a Teenager?

I am at my wit's end with my 14-year-old-son. It seems that I am more concerned about his grades than he is. When I ask him about his grades, I get the blank look, even though he's floating 3 Ds! He has missing assignments, zeros, etc. I have taken his phone away, pulled TV out of the wall, and even put his mattress on the floor. He does great for a couple weeks, but then it's back to missing assignments again. I am constantly beating myself up wondering where the hell I went wrong. Am I too involved, am I not involved enough? Am I trying to wear too many hats? Do I bring out monster mommy or June freakin' Cleaver? Any suggestions greatly appreciated. ...more
My now 19 yo son was a pretty lazy student in high school. Coupled with ADHD and a lively ...more