Reflections On My Redundancy


The trade-off

Would you give up a week of vacation time and your 401K match to be able to work at home?After being laid off recently, my choices were between a contract position and a “strategic career move” (or being unemployed while I continued to look, but as we all know, unemployment isn’t working, so I did not consider that at all)....more

Little Pub

Things happen that make us question our self worth. Right nowthat's what I'm going through, but instead of wanting to fight,this time, I wanted to stay down and give up.Perhaps it's the result of impact shock.I fell hard, far and fast. So fast I'm still not convinced it happenedand certainly don't understand why it would have happened.I got a new job a month and a half ago and it, in just a month's time,had changed my life back to the way I remembered it years ago. Then,...more

Here Comes Some Summer Fun

Make Yourself More Employable

The housing industry had been good to my friend, Layla. But then the woes of the nation’s housing market slapped her in the pocket book, and she was laid off with no warning. How is your industry doing? The favorite excuse for not looking around for different positions is, “I can’t leave what I’m doing because of the pay.” ...more

Economic Meltdown

Seriously, this last 2-and-a-half years has been hell for our family.  How we've made it this far without losing our home is nothing short of God-intervention.  But, today, I felt I needed to share with all you dear readers and friends the reasons why my posts have been sparingly.  My state-of-mind.  That really is it.  My state-of-mind has been in a meltdown of sorts, and not just recently either....more

Thank you for sharing and helping us all in the process. I will keep you in my ...more


In today’s economy everyone is either holding on to the job they have praying to avoid the chopping block or being forced out to join the 9.6 millions that are currently unemployed.  With so many people out of work it has created almost a silent hysteria that breaks the moral of many down little by little, day by day, minute by minute. Here are some tips that I have found seem to be relevant and work: Review your resume: We all hate the resume re-vamp but this economy it has to be done. The competition is more than fierce out here, this is SPARTA!...more

Unemployed Woman

After working for 25 years, I recently have been laid off of work.  Coincidentally a good friend of mine has also been laid off.  We realized you can't spend your entire time looking at job postings.  Not only is this frustrating, but it's also depressing.  It's important to keep productive and enjoy each day.  We did some research on what free productive things were available in our community.  Much to our surprise there are lots and lots.  The libraries offer free computer classes, everything from powerpoint to advanced word.  The hospitals ...more

Do Those Who Survive Layoffs End Up Worse Off?

Your company just went through another round of layoffs. So many of your colleagues are gone, just like that. You breathe a sigh of relief. At least you still have a job. Yet, are you really better off? According to a recent MSNBC article, the opposite may be true. ...more

Hi Michelle,

Thanks for sharing your story. Unfortunately it is all too common.  ...more

It all started with the tattoo

I talked about getting a tattoo for a while. I wanted to literally mark this period in my life so that I would never forget, years from now, what I was up to and against - what really went DOWN. Never forget… ...more