ESPN: The Size of a Dog is NOT Indicative of a Man's Penis Size

During last week's Lakers game the ESPN commentators could not stop   wailing about the tragedy that Kobe Bryant was seen in this photo with a little dog. They ranted, wept and prayed for someone to "say it isn't so" that such a "macho" guy would have a lap dog. They lamented that any dog that could be "cradled" in one's arms was not an acceptable companion for such a man as Kobe.Kobe Bryant image via Instagram...more
All the more reason that I stopped watching ESPN.more

LA Sports Fans: It’s Time to Rejoice!

It’s been a long, empty, bitter time for LA sports fans.  When was the last time we hoisted a championship trophy or had a celebratory parade for one of our sports teams?  I can’t even remember – that’s how long it’s been.  Let’s look at the evidence:...more

Stern denies Chris Paul trade to Lakers

I'm a LA native and not a Lakers fan (Clippers fan). But I had to get excited about the news that the Lakers were trying to get Chris Paul from the Hornets. While I'm not a Laker fan, it's always exciting when a home team shows that they are actively trying to get better. Especially considering the embaressing show last year in the playoffs.  The trade was to send Odom to the Hornets and Chris Paul would come to the Lakers. Only Stern decided to reject the trade and stop it from happening....more
@gamingangel the NBA now has FIFA-levels of credibility. I'd take Sepp Blatter over David ...more

Magic Johnson: 20 Years With HIV

I was in the fifth grade when the news came out. I knew every member of the Lakers by name, position, and number. Magic Johnson, point guard (and general jack of all awesomeness) number 32, had AIDS. Which meant he was pretty much dead, right?...more
I'm glad Magic is still alive, well and kicking. He has been doing great things in our ...more

Playoff Fever: What's Happening in the NBA & NHL

If your house is anything like mine, the TV was on non-stop over the weekend and there may be some household members who have a bit of laryngitis this morning. In the world of basketball, the NBA play-offs are well underway and it was judgment day for teams that either had to step up or watch their seasons come to an abrupt end. Eastern match-ups saw the Celtics sweep the Knicks Sunday, while the Heat failed to close their series keeping the 76ers alive. For those that missed any of the action, here's a quick recap:...more

The stadium is loud with excitement as they sing Oh Canada! I'm biting my nails in anticipation ...more