Stand By Your Man? Not This Time, Lance Armstrong

(Editor's Note: The news that Lance Armstrong has stepped down as chairman of the cancer support charity he founded has rocked the sports community.  Nike Inc has  dropped the disgraced cyclist over the doping scandal that will cost him his seven Tour de France titles and other sponsors are reviewing their partnerships. Pro triathlete Joanna Zeiger weighs in on the Armstrong controversy. ~js)...more
I mostly agree with you. But I used to know a guy who competed in high level cycling and he said ...more

Dear Lance (p.s. It's not about the bike),

You don't know who I am, and I am fairly certain that you don't care.  We've never met, even though it feels like I've known you a long time.  In fact, I'm absolutely sure that you'll never catch wind of this message I'm about to write to you.  I'm not sure that anything I could say to you would matter right now, as you watch the illusioned world you created fall apart around you.But I'm going to say it all anyway....more
 @apewilliams Thank's a part of my story I've been itching to tell.  There is more to ...more

When A Cancer Hero Decides To Stop Fighting - Lance Armstrong and the USADA

I’ve just read Lance Armstrong’s statement regarding his refusal to fight any longer against the USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) who claim the seven-time Tour de France winner cheated by using performance enhancing drugs throughout his career. I’m aware many people believe Armstrong’s giving up this particular and very significant battle is a sign of guilt. I don’t agree.I think it’s a sign of strength....more

Get Rich, From The Inside Out

Self Responsibility Is The New Rich.  It means to become RICH from the inside out. When an individual takes full responsibility for their existence they can attain anything on earth that they truly desire, therefore, the resourcefulness of their personal power is beyond the limitations of mere financial gain....more


Mothers Day is a day to reflect on our love for Mom and to recognize that nothing else contributes to our own strengths, confidence and ability to love than having been loved deeply and unconditionally by our Mothers.  Mothers Day has also become a day of activism among women and families touched by cancer....more

The Blind Side's Michael Oher Needs to Get Glasses

I recently caught a snippet of a TV interview with Leanne Tuohy, the real-life mom portrayed by Sandra Bullock in the movie, “The Blind Side”.  I was impressed and moved by this movie, which tells the true story of a well-to-do family from Memphis who adopts a teen (Michael Oher) from the projects.  Among the many things they do for him, they help him feel loved ...more

Is That You Leo? Celebrities On Twitter

Did you know Leonardo DiCaprio is on Twitter? Ah lovely Leo...sigh. A heartthrob to millions of women for his role in "Titantic," and now a truly accomplished actor with a fine record of work on his resume including "Revolutionary Road," "The Departed," and "Blood Diamond." ...more

Thank you for posting this. Very well written. Its more important than we give credit. Think ...more