Fish In Parcel

Literally translated, fish "en papillote" means fish "in parcel." This is one of my absolute favorite ways to prepare fish, as it’s quick and creates marvelously moist, tender, and flavorful fish. My kids love having their own little packet, and breaking them open to see what’s inside is so much fun. This preparation essentially allows you to use whatever fish, veggies, herbs, and flavorings you have on hand. The possibilities are endless, and in most cases are low in calories and high in flavor. The fish and veggies are sealed in a packet of parchment paper, so they steam themselves and become infused with whatever seasonings you’re using.This time around I used a new product called Sauté Express® Sauté Starter from Land O’Lakes. ...more
I too love this way of cooking fish. I make it with a home made lime butter that smell amazing ...more