Recycling and Landfill: What Do Things Really Cost?

Turns out, Annie Leonard isn't the only one wondering what happens to our stuff once we throw it out. In her post, Car Seat Recycling and Depot Tour, Suzanne, over at Mommy Footprint, has a question or two about the lifespan of our beloved things, what can be recycled and the non-recyclable....more
Yes!! We've pared down our waste quite a bit in recent years, which feels so great, but we're ...more

Can Car Seats Be Recycled?

I've been hearing concerns about child car seat disposal, namely, can they be recycled? Car seats are the only piece of kid gear required by law and, in some places, for kids up to age 8, so one child could have two or three different seats before they graduate to standard safety belt. With four million babies born in the U.S. annually, and each requiring three car seats before age eight, Americans buy as many as 12 million seats a year. And even though 90 percent of the materials are recyclable, where does all that metal, foam, fabric and molded plastic end up?...more
recycling all (safe) baby items is a wonderful idea and is the inspiration for a new ...more

What I Wanted To Tell You Was... Never have I seen such a damaged piece of earth as the one that I live on. Six years ago, or thereabouts, we bought this, our first home. We looked it over, we cruised the neighborhood, we had the house inspected. We would drive by, visit, leave and come back. The location? Perfect. It was close enough but not right in town. By all accounts, the neighborhood was improving significantly. There was no HOA, something that Michael is vehemently opposed to. In the end, we bought it and soon after, I sunk a spade into the earth and turned it over....more

Recycling, Climate Change, & Blogher08

A week ago, Siel wrote a great post called De-Plasticking BlogHer 2009! in which she discusses all the plastic at Blogher08 and ways that the next Blogher conference could be even more eco-friendly. And right after the conference, I too blogged about the plastic waste at Blogher. ...more

I agree that using re-usables and compostables are the best way to go. It takes such emense ...more