Words and The Paths Of Desire - Lexographical and Grammatical Musings

I was in bed Sunday night, listening to Latino USA on NPR. I heard an interview with Reverend Ignacio Castuera speaking about tolerance and how words, concepts and perceptions change over time. You can listen to an mp3 recording of the interview. ...more

French-Canadian cuisine: Ass ham

True, living in Quebec can be challenging for non-Francophones in terms of finding jobs and apartments, reading contracts, applying for grants, conducting business, dating, ordering food, and dealing with any public service over the phone, but for the hardy few who manage to overcome those minor inconveniences, there are occasional and wondrous rewards, like poutine. ...more

...one of my readers thought it was about her Ex. Apparently, he's a royal "ass ham"!more


If you type the word "adopt" into Google, you will see that only half of the first 10 entries apply to children. If you add a dash and the letter "a" to create the ubiquitous "adopt-a-" you will see that only 2 mention actual adoption. ...more

Thanks for bringing this up Melissa. Words certainly do matter, and ...more

Do you have any pet peeves about the use of language? Boy, do I ever!

Just from the headline, it's clear that I HAVE serious pet peeves when it comes to language. Could it be that I'm the offspring of an English teacher, who (she) at 84, still corrects my grammar? Maybe it's just because I love words, love language, respect it. ...more

Finding Time To Sign

As a busy SAHM with 2 very young children, I find life is quite hectic at times. I sometimes wish I had more hours in the day to do my chores or read a book, but I mostly wish I could find time to sign with my girls. I believe in all that sign language as to offer my toddler and baby in regards to language development. As a baby sign language instructor, I remind my participants that practicing sign language with your baby is a great bonding experience (if nothing else). ...more


Up! She demands. It takes me a full minute to process that not only is she speaking English and not her native Kaiya but that she just demanded, from me, at 3 in the morning. A simple one word sentence, with the same tone as: Woman, where have you been? I’ve been crying for an hour! To which I want to reply: I KNOW. So have I. Quietly into my pillow, so that I don’t wake up your daddy because between his snoring and your crying I am so going to need a margarita come morning. ...more


...I stopped and thought, so what if I do not speak English the way Americans do? Afterall, they understand me. Also, I speak more languages than any average person does. So who cares about my accent? READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE BY CLICKING THIS LINK: http://fliploveusa.typepad.com/a_filipino_immigrants_lov/2008/11/speak-e... ...more

Language: The Hanen Centre (and a Giveaway!)

As parents we want to give our children the best start in life. In last night's US debate, the candidates talked about parents "stepping up". At first it bothered me. Blaming parents for the failures of our education system (and in Canada we're not much better) is ineffective. It does not solve the real problems that plague our education system. I refuse to believe that North American parents are any better or worse at preparing their children for school than any other parent in any other country. That ...more

Almost Profanity

Those almost not quite, almost would be, could be profanities are getting way out of hand.  You know the ones I’m talking about the “f’ing”, “frickin”, “frackin”, galdarnit, dagnabit, sonofabiscuit, heckfire, shoot and all those others that you may or may not use.  Do you think by not saying the entire word you are getting away with something?  Do you believe your 4 year old will not repeat it?  I mean after all you re ...more

If and when I do swear, I do it right - no fake f words will escape my lips, only the real ...more

Afraid of French?

Yesterday we had our first French class at the Alliance Francais (AF). I took classes at the AF when I was in high school because I really wanted to be able to speak French fluently. It worked. By the time I graduated, I was bilingual. Unfortunately, since then I have not had much of a chance to use the French I learned. The beautiful thing about the AF is that the classes are truly French immersion. As soon as you walk through the door, you will hear only ...more