Words and Phrases

Now that we've hit four, the language is beginning to even out quite a bit. My girls are using complex phrasing and doing their darndest to keep up with the adults when it comes to chit chat. Here are a few funny sayings and pronunciations for your time.A few widels: Combination a few minutes and a little while, with a 'd' thrown in to anchor the word.Don't tell me that word: I don't want to hear that.What kind go outside?: Where are we going today?...more

Blogging & The "F" Word

 In Scrabble, the letter “F” merits a respectable four points. There are only two “F” tiles in the game set, which makes the number of words you can form with the letter “F” relatively limited.In the real world, the “F” word is everywhere.In the evolution of the English language, when did “Oh, darn!” become  “Oh, Fu#!” What happened to “friggin?” When did “fudge” deteriorate into “Fu#!”?...more
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Guidance in Small Doses

Most of our lives are spent wondering what to do, when.As ancient peoples might have looked to the sky for portents, or consulted an oracle before going to war or building a city in a certain spot—we often wish there was a simple answer to guidance in our modern world.We long for a way to fit the best bits of advice “out there” (and there is more than we can handle thrown at us every day) to our specific needs and questions....more
What a breath of fresh air this blog is!  I have felt so inundated with post card postings on ...more

C Is for Create

After A Is for Attitude and B Is for Balance ... I’ve come to a choice of what resonates most for me when confronted with the letter C.Create: 1. To cause to exist; bring into being. 2. To give rise to; produce. 3. To invest with an office or title; appoint. 4. To produce through artistic or imaginative effort: create a poem; create a role....more
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What They Say at Three and a Half

Our language here is ever-expanding, and I try to list out some of the funnier or more precious sayings and mispronounciations. Of course, I can never remember them all....more

Toddler Tricks - 84: Make them Acknowledge You

Problem:You're talking and talking and talking, but your kid can't hear you. Or more accurately, your kid is blatantly ignoring you, your presence not registering on his preschooler radar. I've written about this here, because it's a big deal around here lately. But I've been fighting it, and I've found a few things that seem to be working, at least in the short term....more

My Preschooler Can Outswear Your Preschooler

The Power of a Word "Mom, when is it OK to say 'fucking'?" Max asked me as we pulled up in front of his preschool....more

Like Humans Do

At three and a half, my kids are experimenting with the frivolities of human life. They are moving beyond a grasp of vocabulary and simple sentence structure. They've got subject, verb, object. Now that they can order me around, ask multiple questions and argue like enraged banshees, they've decided to expand their repertoire in an attempt, I can only assume, to be more charming. I welcome this.Small Talk:"It's a nice day out there, Daddy.""Hey, mommy, how is your day?"Compliments:...more

Ciao, Ciao Bambina

I always cringe whenever I see the latest advertisement sporting English words.  I walk into my bank and find them advertising a M'Honey account, replete with a jar of honey - as if any of their 2+ million pensioners would even know that honey = miele and what either of the terms have to do with money (maybe it rhymes? at least in English).  The Telecoms cos. are no worse off:  you can now go to VodafoneYOU or open a TIM Young package....more

Kids Say the Darndest Things

I used to do posts outlining what the girls were saying as they grew up and started grasping the language. Now that they're three and a half, it's not what they say butwhat they say, if you know what I mean.Anyway, here are some gems from the past two days alone."Mama, do you know any princesses?""No, do you?""Um, yes, my cousin is a princess.""Who, Annabelle?""No...make me a cousin that's a princess.""Daddy, you have a pretty watch.""Oh, thank you.""And pretty glasses.""You think my glasses are pretty? Thanks!"...more