Chips Please Mama!

“Chips please Mama.”...more

Speech Delays...or Not

"Whadda doodin', Dulce?""I'm go-din' home. Whadda you doodin'?"You's go-din' home? I go-din home, too!""Hello, feet. Nie to mee choo."I'm not concerned with my babies' speech.  Maybe I should be....more

Aren’t We All As Good As A Cup Of Tea?

In early 20th Century England, the term “a cup of “tea” was used to describe a friend and, in particular, one that exuded an invigorating vitality for life. People country-wide were using the expression, and eventually it made its way into print in Nancy Mitford’s 1932  book Christmas Pudding. The expression was starting to brew!...more

Why What?

It will never cease to amuse me when adults answer a question from my children with a thoughtful, long, detailed response and are then baffled by the toddlers’ illogical response.It’s not that I don’t appreciate the adult speaking to my children as if they, too, were adults. I like that. It shows respect and understanding of human development to a certain degree, and it will help the babies learn the correct usage of the language more quickly. So for that, I am thankful....more


I love you. I love you always, but you don’t always see that. I think of you in the morning when I wake up and at night when I go to bed, but you don’t always think that. I know you and I know how I feel when I’m with you, but you don’t always know that. I understand you and your actions, but you don’t understand that....more

Our Little Language

We're experiencing the final transition from rudimentary language to English over here, and it's magical to see. Even the words they mispronouce, of which there are many, they know how they are supposed to be pronounced, and will reject an adult mimicry of their syllables. For instance, this morning, Lilly asked for toast with Buh-ller.  I teased her. You want buh-ller? Nooooo! she said.  Oh! I replied, you want butter!...more

Home delivery pizzas are the way forward

Blimey, you would never guess what happened to me yesterday? Utopia garnished with chocolate peanuts; that's what. To give you a bit of background, when I first moved to the Oxfordshire countryside from London, I quickly realised (to my absolute horror) that my new village was too remote for Dominos Pizza home delivery. I panicked and was all like, "shit! what the blazes am I going to eat?" and then I ran around the house flapping aimlessly for several hours before deciding that I needed to come up with a plan. And I did. ...more

Toddler-talk and the Bilingual Child!

 Milo, my little bilingual boy! ...more

What American English sounds like to non-English speakers

What American English sounds like to non-English speakers. you don't believe me? Listen up! (read more)From

Words That Just Make Everyone Uncomfortable

I love words; I really do. The right words in the right hands can give expression to the part of man that mirrors God. But some words are just incurably, gratuitously dumb. ...more

"Awesome" has been taking some heat in the comments, but I like it a lot too!

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