Speech and Language Disorders: Basics of What to Do

A Basic Checklist of Responses to my most Frequently Asked Questions:...more

Speech Delays and Disorders: Often the Tip of the Iceberg, so be sure to dig deep enough

In a prior post, I referred to a new patient of mine - Sienna. Sienna was approved for services because of her speech sound disorder; that is, her speech was not clear enough for her age.  Good rule of thumb:  A 3.0 year old child should be 90% intelligible to a stranger. That means that no one should be requesting a repetition from that child more than once out of every 10 utterances/messages, or so....more

Twists of the Tongue that Certainly Tell All

Sandy: Hey Maddie, how was school today?Maddie: We have a new President...Rocabama.Sandy: Yes we do. It's  a special day for America....more

Farewell, Dear Mama

 We are gathered here today, good friends, to lay to rest the beloved, the cherished, "mama."  She truly brought joy to all who encountered her, and gladdened the hearts of the family constantly around her.I remember the time before "mama."  It was marked with anxious trepidation, as I waited for her to arrive.  Each day, I'd ask the babies, "Mama? Mama?...more

On Ear Infections and the too-readily accepted notion of "hearing underwater"

"For every complex problem, there is a solution that is simple, neat and wrong"  H.L. Mencken...more

Language and Thought: Which came first? the chicken or the egg?

One of my college age students brought in an Anthology of Literature, which contained several pieces that befuddled her. As we began to read one of the poems, I realized that so much of Emmy's comprehension challenge arose from lack of world knowledge. This young woman has spent most of her life in tutoring and therapies and while she has surpassed all expectations of where she would eventually be (given the severity of her original diagnosis), I realized that so much had been missed along the way....more

On Learning Colors

 One of my language delayed 21 month olds finally opened her mom's eyes today. Beth began therapy two months ago saying differentiated vowels and a few words.  Given her excellent comprehension and well-developed gestural system, I chose our first words according to her pragmatic needs and gestures and so they included the words that researchers and language professionals know are the first words that typical children need and thus utter first. These include: /gimme, more, do, help, go, no, come/. Mom was quite upset, however, that Beth did not know her colors....more

The Breakthroughs Are Worth the Breakdowns

We are coming up on an entire week of blissful happiness in this house.  For almost seven straight days now, I have been able to talk to my children, to walk them through disappointments and to thwart what previously would have been surefire tantrum starters.  For their part, my babies have been infinitely more patient with me as I struggle to understand their conversation attempts.  They have been more articulate and just all-around more happy.  It is for weeks like these that I live.Of course, they come at the cost of much struggle and strife.  For the two...more

One Tucsonan's Perspective on Saturday's Mass Shooting

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I appreciate your taking the time to give us an inside view of the atmosphere there. People who ...more

Words We Could Live Without

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