Words We Could Live Without

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Think About What You Say

 After two intense weeks of tantrums, screaming, flopping, crying and whining, my kids have finally had a language breakthrough.  For the past four days or so, they have not only been pointing at objects and telling me what they are, but they have been connecting abstract ideas together, using adjectives and nouns to specify their meaning, and using verbs and nouns to create basic sentences and to tell me what they are doing.They've got the command down pat."Look, mama.""Dance with me, mama.""Wait for me.""Help mama clean up."It's ha...more

I expect how you say it will be the next big linguistic breakthrough for them!

Amazing how we ...more

Looking Across the Pond at UK Blogs

I don’t remember how I became curious about the United Kingdom. Certainly Benny Hill certainly had something to do with it. My apologies to those folks I just made cringe. Let me put this into context. ...more

I did find Scottish blogs but I kind sort of thought it was a separate country by itself. I have ...more

Take This Pink Ribbon Off My Eyes...

...I'm exposed, and it's no big surprise.I used to think that when I became a parent, I would totally suck. I mean, my mom was limited in her ability to be a good mom, based on a number of things. So what the hell would I know about raising a kid? All I knew was that more than anything, I wanted a daughter.I wanted to teach her to use her voice to command the world. Not just a small corner of it, but the entire world. I wanted to teach her that being a girl is an amazing thing. That she could be anything, do anything, go anywhere....more

Lessons Learned from a First Year of Blogging

I set out to write a blog that was truly candid, but that meant taking risks with where my audience might draw lines, and as I said above, I only started giving a slightly smaller shit what people though t-- I didn't quit caring altogether. So one of the most freeing things I've learned is that, although I keep them in mind, my audience doesn't shape my writing -- I do. ...more

I too am coming up on my 1st year anniversary of blogging and found myself smiling and nodding ...more

Being bilingual delays Alzheimer's symptoms by as many as 5 years

Here's more proof that "use it or lose it" applies to our brains....more

Road Trip

So we got off to a rough start.That's cool. We girls know how to carry on smiling. ...more

Slicker Than Owl Shit and Other Colorful Southern Sayings...

I grew up in the South. I was born in Mississippi, lived for a brief few years in Florida when I was young, moved to Alabama as an teenager, came back to Mississippi for college, moved to Tennessee afterward, and now I've circled back to Mississippi again. Don't get me wrong, I have lived other places for short periods. I have traveled to other parts of the world a few times, and I have loved and appreciated beauty beyond my own backyard, but there is something about the South that always calls me back home....more

More language delays being found in siblings of kids with autism

A new study from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis found that 1 in 5 siblings (thought to be unaffected by the autism gene) experienced language delays or speech problems early in life. Many female siblings had subtle traits but not many had full-blown autism spectrum disorders. The (new) rate looks like 3 affected boys for every 2 affected girls. In the past, researchers thought it was a 4:1 ratio (boys to girls)....more

How to Write (Better): Five Mistakes That Weaken Your Writing

I'll be the first to say that being a successful freelance writer requires more marketing and business savvy than writing skill. Writing beautiful, flowing prose won't make you much money unless you know how to market yourself, negotiate fee structures and contracts, and keep your editors happy. That's why my blog usually focuses on business strategies for freelancers. ...more
I agree, simple can be better although I find it difficult to make my writing more colorful. ...more