Why I Love Chromebooks

Shortly after deciding to go back to college, I made the realization that I needed a new laptop.  The one we owned was bulky and heavy and I shared it with my husband, which only caused me to feel guilty every time I needed to use it for school work.       ...more

Lessons From a Murdered Laptop

My computer died this weekend.One minute I’m happily typing away. A moment of distraction (cursed puppy), a tip of my hand, and my just-refilled mug was upside down and all across my keyboard. And, well, that was all she wrote.Next thing I know an Apple Genius is explaining to me why $700 is actually a very good deal to revive it. I sadly walked out of the store, head hung low, the sad Charlie Brown theme song playing in the background. (Like this.)...more

Laptop Theft Leads to Identity Theft

Ever lose a mobile device? Have one stolen? Know someone who has? Device loss and theft is a common issue when it comes to identity theft and results in data breaches. Some studies have shown as many as 2.5 million laptops are stolen annually, which equates to a laptop stolen every 12 seconds....more

Worrywart Calm in the Face of a Missing Laptop

 Recently I came home from a book fair, bronzed from a glorious day in the spring sunshine.what a worrywart looks like...more

Day 1 - The object I see at this exact moment.

Before I start off with my September blogging journey, I would like to tell you all something about the theme of this challenge. - It is all about "Eyes" and there are some really interesting prompts that could pulverize the worst of blogger blocks :-) So here goes the very first - The object that I see at this exact moment....more

Looking for cute laptop bags?

I always enjoy present you cute and practical gift ideas with a funky look like this adorable bags Cafe in Paris laptop bags....more

I found a gadget from the olden days

The trouble with having a marvellous camera like my Canon Powershot S95, is that I end up taking pictures of bloody everything. Which in turn means that I end up with a hard drive full of images that need sorting out. Anyway, I was looking through some pictures that I took last time Izzy and I visited Sarah in Leeds. Whilst I was there, I helped Sarah to sort out her junk room and turn it into an office. Halfway through the task in hand, I found an old laptop bag. ...more

Geek Love


Does Wi-Fi Nuke A Man's Sperm?

There was small rumble about it in the news on Monday, but that rumble was from Reuters, and pretty soon it was EVERYWHERE. The BBC, even YAHOO had something about it: the WI FI is coming for our men's SPERM! No one's sperm is SAFE! WHATEVER SHALL WE DO!?!?! I'll tell you what we shall do. We shall look at this paper, and we shall READ it. And we will point the bright light of SCIENCE at it and find out if it's true that WI FI nukes human sperm. ...more
I do feel these electromagnetic waves have some affect on us. If they are emmiting such powerful ...more

Who is That Wild-Looking Woman on My Computer Screen? Oh Dear God...It's Me

Three nights ago, I scared myself.  Bad.  I was watching TV and working on my laptop when I must have hit a button command by mistake....more
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