5 Reasons Our Large Family Was the Coolest on the Block

I have read several articles lately about the downsides of coming from a large family, and I must say that after reading the first one, I was ready to write THIS post to set the record straight. I realize that everyone’s family experience is different and I honor all families no matter what their size, but I have a totally different feeling about big families. Even if you didn’t have the best home life, you have blood relatives who understand you and your life experience and who can understand the things that have helped you to become the person you are today. ...more
Jennifer, big families are great and kudos to you for raising a large family now.  Your children ...more

Big Families Are the Best Thing Ever

Everything was going very well up until 3:00 today. The little two were snuggled in for nap time, Magoo and I were reading The BFG, and TJ was getting set to finish up our work on the basement (so that by the end of the year our goal of having everything finally (FINALLY) organized would be met). ...more
My paternal grandma had 4, maternal grandma 6, my mom had 4. I have 5! :) Love big families, ...more

Fun for the Whole Family

We are a large family, and the kids’ ages range from 12 to 24. With older kids living out of the home and out of the area, we really don’t get to spend a whole lot of time with everyone present.  We cherish the time when we are all together. This mostly happens during the holidays or when we have a special family event.  But there are times where we are all hanging out together, and we want to do something that everyone can be involved in. What activities appease children of all ages? And with six kids and two parents won’t break the bank?...more

Cloth Diapering Basics

 I get a lot of questions about cloth diapering, and it's been awhile since I've talked about it. ...more

Our day in pictures

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Denise Thank you Denise!more

Simple Living: Creating a Routine (Lessons 8,9,and 10)

     These last few days' lessons have been things I have already been working on.  This is nice, because I don't feel overwhelmed with a bunch of new things on top of my already hectic life.  It is a nice breather.  My last post was about managing my time, and in this one, I am going to get more into what our routine looks like. ...more

Working vs. Staying home : The impact on children

Thanks for sharing your pros and cons. This is a topic I struggle with ALOT!more

Word of the year?

http://mybabybirds.blogspot.com/It's everywhere. Gone are the days of "resolutions", now we are supposed to pick one word that represents the upcoming year of our life.One word, huh?I'm seeing embrace, inspire, lucid... I'm either not that deep, or I can't find one word that deep that could encompass an entire year. Our family word this year is fun. Yep, we're keeping it simple. We need simple. I guess simple could've been our word for the year, but that's unrealistic if you know me....more

Feeding a large family tips

I often get asked about meals, cooking, shopping for a big family.“How do you do it?”“I bet that costs a fortune!”“Is it hard to cook for so many?”“Do you plan out your meals?”“Will you share your recipes?”And the list goes on…...more

Lighten Up

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