A an introduction and a little about this BIG family

This is my first post on BlogHer, and I am still not sure how it works, or how to tie this into my mother blog Hippie Chic's Makings but I am drawn to blogher and I want to give it a good try....more

How (not) to do a PhD with Six Kids in Tow

When I am feeling my most discouraged and whipped by this PhD I tend to start listing mentally, everything that has happened in my life over the past 2.5 years that have made it impossible for me to “properly” get this thing done. Pathetic, I know- but somehow I think it is kind of a common “poor, poor, pitiful me” thing to do. But, I got to thinking a few days ago that, funnily enough, when I am feeling particularly buoyed and optimistic about getting this thing done, I turn to the very same list, and use it to pat myself on the back in an “against all odds” sort of way....more

No one is paying attention to you

This time it happened before breakfast. My son woke up and started asking questions about how babies fit in the womb. So, of course, we looked at cross-sectional drawings of pregnant women and discussed how a baby was born....more
But I thought siblings teach socialization: helping each other, sharing things, tolerating other ...more

Don’t Let the Dog In and Don’t Let Daniel Out

 Life was especially chaotic after the birth of our eighth and ninth children because everyone was still fourteen and under. It was difficult to keep a sharp eye out for my new bundle of energy, Daniel....more

Day 3

August 5th, 2015 Dear Baby, I have to admit something to you… I’m a little concerned that you’re going to start making me throw up.  I had this problem particularly bad with my last kid, and the memory of it is not so pleasant.  I’m bracing myself, but so far you’ve been pretty good.  Just an occasional hiccup.  Thanks, Baby, I’ll take it… ...more

Day 2

August 4th, 2015 Dear Baby, I wake up feeling a little different, knowing you are there now.  Even though I have done this 4 times previous, it is still such a wonder to think of all the work you’re doing and all the work my body is doing already to grow you and prepare you for the world.  I’ve kept the 3 pregnancy tests and they’re hidden in the cabinet above the toilet.  I pick them up just to look a couple of times today.  They make me smile.  ...more

Dear Baby

August 3, 2015 Dear Baby, ...more

Shattered and Reborn

I once asked a priest what my life would have been like if I had not suffered, if I had married a well-off dentist, had 1.25 kids and lived in an efficient, modern house. He put on a phony, pious face, with his hands together in prayer and said in a high, mocking voice,‘Oh, you would be a nice Christian lady, praising the Lord.’What he meant by that amusing bit of acting was that I would be shallow, without depth and strength....more

Day 21: "Oh, The Poor Didn’t Want This One "

 Remember that line in the Sound of Music, when the Captain Von Trappe asks Maria about the ugly dress she is wearing? She answers,“Oh, the poor didn’t want this one!”Well that my friends describes most of our fridges, I repeat that line often at our house,” Oh that sink..well, yes, the poor didn’t want that one.”...more

Day 14: I Am a Conundrum

Not everyone is called to have a large family but not everyone is called to be a career woman or single or a working mother. For some reason my lifestyle pushes people’s buttons; perhaps they think that I am a self-righteous fanatic or that I am condemning certain lifestyle’s or choices but this is simply not true. I stumbled and fumbled my way to discover that for me, mothering was my vocation....more