Summerlin: A Gem in Las Vegas

Located a short 10-mile drive west of the Strip, on the western rim of the Las Vegas Valley lies Summerlin. It is a 22,000 acre, affluent area of Las Vegas with some of the best parks, hotels, restaurants, and shopping in Las Vegas.The ever eco-conscious planners of Summerlin have made many decisions designed to protect fragile ecologies near Red Rock Canyon and the Spring Mountains. This dedication to conservation has made Summerlin one of the Nevada’s most environmental communities....more

CES 2015: And That's a Wrap!

I still recall the moment that I was invited to attend this year’s International CES®, opening the email on my iPhone while on a bus headed into downtown Vancouver....more

The Food of Las Vegas

We Ran Away... to Las Vegas!

James and I celebrated a very nontraditional (for us) Thanksgiving this year.Although this is was our second Thanksgiving and Holiday season without my family, both of us are finding it harder than it was last year. We followed one of the suggestions I of...more

NaBloPoMo: Please Don't Send Me THERE

Please don’t send me to Las Vegas, Nevada. I have nothing against Las Vegas nor do I have anything against Nevada. I’m sure people enjoy themselves very much in Las Vegas. However, I am not a gambler, don’t enjoy the accoutrements of most resort casinos, and neon strobe lights tend to make me dizzy. To me, there is something a little too seedy; a little too decadent; a little too corrupt about the place. Yes, I know, there are wonderful shows and shopping. But, I really don’t need anything more than I have (I might want it, but I certainly don’t need it)....more
jayhawkmommy Well, I can see going horseback riding and communing with nature but it seems to me ...more

The Sober Girl's Guide To Las Vegas

I made no secret of ...more
WhereMagicLives Oh my goodness! It was breathtaking - so amazing to see what man can ...more


Thanksgiving is probably one of my favorite holidays. Like ever. Stuffing, squashes, cranberries, deviled eggs… yummm. And of course DESSERT (which I never seem to leave room for…).But this year, I’m giving up the turkey (and the hours of laborious love that we all spend on our favorite dishes) to join my mom and sister IN LAS VEGAS.Oh. Yeah....more

What Happens when You're a Mom... in Vegas.

In August my husband and I had a chance to go to Vegas, kid free! Nate's mom willingly looked after Hannah.. and the dog. It was wonderful.Proof that we really did get away! Nate and I just before Cirque du Soleil's production of "O"....more

Red, White, & Waterless

PARK CITY, UTAH -- Over July 4th, I was hiking in the breathtaking mountains of Park City, clipping along at a steady pace at 8,000-plus feet with the Blind Melon song "No Rain" providing musical backup. I came upon a near-empty snowmaking reservoir that is usually full at this time of year. Realizing I never paid much attention to the lyrics since the song's hook is so unique, I suddenly thought, "No rain, indeed." The small puddle in the center of this receptacle won't provide much fuel for snowmaking unless the rains come a lot more frequently, and for long showers. ...more