Crespelle: A crazy combination of my favourite foods!

Imagine how excited I got when I realised that I could take my love pancakes and lasagne, combine them and take it to a whole new level!Crespelle are thin crêpe style pancakes.  In this traditional recipe, they are layered with tasty tomato sauce and then baked off in the oven for a crispy, melting finish....more

Ricotta...and Spinach, Greens & Ricotta Lasagne

Ricotta...and Spinach, Greens & Ricotta Lasagne I have had a hankering to make some homemade ...more

Vegan Lasagne Lesson

Lasagne. Oh, where to start? With the spelling, I guess. I've always spelled it with an "e" at the end, but I know a lot of people prefer an "a". As I understand it, lasagnE is Italian, and lasagnA is American. Also, lasagnE is the plural of lasagnA, so unless you're making the dish with only one big noodle, you're making lasagne. So much for grammatical correctness. I've always used the Italian spelling because I like to pretend I'm Italian....more

Handmade Italian pasta recipe

This is the authentic basic recipe for handmade egg pasta from Italy (read more)From

Celebrate Italian Carnevale with Gran Lasagne

It's been years since I've visited Venice, but ever since I stayed there a short while, I've wanted to return to experience Carnevale, the two-week festival of masks, costumes and revelry that leads up to the six-week Lenten fast before Easter. Venice is perhaps the showiest place in Italy for this amazing party, although Carnevale is celebrated throughout the country. ...more

Easy Vegie Lasagne

  If you know me, then you probably already know that I'm a foodie, but so not like Martha. I just happen to have been lucky enough to grow up with a talented home-ec teacher for a mom. Endless new recipes landed on our kitchen table for our meal-time testing.  ...more