Last Minute Valentine's Gifts

 I thought about titling this post, "Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts: What Your Significant Other Probably Really Wants Anyway", but then I thought, no, that's way too long for a title, however true it is. You're likely here for one of 4 reasons:...more

Last Minute Thanksgiving Picks

Forget Something? Last-Minute Pop Culture Halloween Costumes

It's okay, I've done it too. Life gets busy and before you know it Halloween is upon you and you haven't a thing to wear. Don't worry! Pop culture history holds a plethora of great quickie costume ideas and I'm here to help you dig through it. Below? Eight costumes you can pull together in no time at all.There's Something About Mary: © 1998 Twentieth Century Fox...more
A group of friends and I were semi-last minute. This was an easy one to put together and quite a ...more

You Almost Forgot But Didn't Gift Guide


Last minute gifts for Dad

For Father’s Day we gave Our Soldiers:  1000 Free Memberships to See: only took a few minutes.If you need a gift now - give what we gave away free to our soldiers. It could be your answer - Membership Gift Certificate for Dad is $29.95 (only 8¢ a day). It includes all the features shown in the video + unlimited telephone support – we guarantee a happy user. To Get a Gift Certificate, right now, to give Dad -...more

Holiday Stress...Don't Take it Personally

   As we enter Christmas Week, the air is getting thick with anxiety and trepidation. You hear all around you the words "Holiday Stress". These words are touted around the water cooler, in the newspaper and on the Evening News, as an outbreak of the latest disease. Let's address the idea of "stress"....more