Please go home, Mom

Sometimes, I work late. It's not intentional, but things happen, and I work a little later than I originally intended to. It's not frequent, as I am a huge advocate of the work/life balance for my employees, and I believe in setting a good role model for them and showing them that I don't work late (at least not very often)....more

It's Psychological

Always late. That’s me.I was born two weeks late and have been late for everything since. My mother made the age-old statement numerous times, “There’s no doubt about it – you’ll be late for your own funeral!” My tardiness drove her crazy. She was the opposite. Very scheduled. Never late. My eldest daughter is just like her....more

Weird But Real Excuses for Being Late to Work

You hear about people making crazy excuses for things like “the dog ate my homework”, but here are a few bona fide reasons I’ve been late getting to work and getting home from work.Image via Shutterstock...more


I’m late, I’m late, I’m late! My dog ate my homework. Err, my daughter deleted my post. My laptop crashed AND my not-so-smart phone spontaneously combusted! No? Alright, the truth is I passed out like a just fed newborn. My writing sweet spot starts at about 1030/11pm and I was out cold by 10 pm. I think it vaguely occurred to me to get my day 14 post out but I just couldn’t get my eyes to open. This second day of packing required quite the physical exertion. My mission was the kitchen....more

Reasons I'm Late

As much as I try, it always seems inevitable.  I'm going to be late.  No matter how early I get up, how soon I start getting people ready and no matter how many times I go through that crumpled mental checklist in my head, it always seems to happen.  So I've figured it out... Why I'm late.  I wonder if these are valid excuses. REASONS I'M LATE  My child has to poop and we just came from the potty....more

Somewhere in the United States . . . .

 Somewhere in the USA (Arizona, for instance) it’s 11:25 p.m.It’s also 10:25 in California!So, technically, it’s still today, November 19, 2012, and I made this blogging deadline.So there.~:Le sigh.Join in the Fray: What have you been late for – really LATE – this week?Copyright © 2012 Michelle Matthews Calloway, ASwirlGirl™, All rights reserved....more

First World Problems - Late

I was going to write a post about how annoyed I was this morning with people hoarding spots in the preschool drop off line and then I realized how ridiculous I am. So I made this instead. ...more

School Daze

My 6 year old daughter, Kaya, started in a new school this year. We've just moved back to my home town and thankfully she was accepted into our first choice school, which has been wonderful in welcoming us into the community. 'You're not going to regret this' I thought to myself when we first got the approval letter, 'we are going to be a model family. We will go to every AGM, join the parents committee, get involved with fundraising....more

What Dreams May Come

Today was my first day back into the workforce. It started out kind of peculiarly because I awoke this morning out of a bad dream. I dreamt that on my first day of work I went off site for lunch and couldn’t get back to the office on time. It was if the road would not end. No matter how long I drove, I never reached my destination.  I woke up from the dream about an hour and a half late from lunch and I still wasn’t there yet. Needless to say, I was planning to stay in the building for lunch. After waking up from such a jarring dream, I prepared for my big day....more

Extreme anxiety for me! : )
And yeah, the air was cleared. Everything's cool : )

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