With Marshmallows In My Coffee, I'm Showing Up!

I'm different; it's as if I was born-again the day I learned I was adopted.  So, really I'm about three and half years old now... and yes, marshmallows are even more fabulous than before.  I'm trying new things, discovering so much, and feeling my independence. For instance, have you been amazed by a humming bird lately? ...more

Did you share your family medical history at the table this Thanksgiving?

After learning I was adopted I found a public service link in an email sent by Web MD about National Family History Day.  It explained how the Surgeon General officially declared Thanksgiving  a day of sharing medical history."Creating a health record will make it easier for every family member to preserve his or her health," the Acting Surgeon General said.  Here's the press release from 2007....more
This is sickening and wrong that you didn't have ANY information... doesn't your adoptive ...more

Who Needs TV Adoption Drama When Late Discovery Adoptees Live It?

Whether its a TV show about adoption, The Lying Game, or a story line that comes up on most prime-time programming, many of us feel as though a nicely healing scab has been ripped off. At the very least, its a reminder of something we do not need to be reminded about. Most in the adoption constellation (birth parents, adoptees, adoptive parents, adoption professionals) would love nothing more than to ask TV writers to at least do a good job writing their 48 minute segment....more
More than 85,000 women lost their children to adoption in the State of NSW, Australia during the ...more

Duty, Acceptance, and Fitting In My Own Skin

I was my mother's caretaker at the end of her life.  Just before the end, a DNA result informed me that my mother was not my biological mother.  The news sunk in when it was too late, my mother couldn't speak, and certainly she couldn't answer why she kept such a secret.  The promise of duty and dignity took over and I saved my search for when she was gone.  She was Eighty-eight years old and I was Forty-three when she left my life on this earth.  Her time was full and it ended peacefully, just as she wanted.  But my life was turned upside down; I was set on a ...more