"Spanish": A Rant

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Desperately Ill Woman in El Salvador Waiting for Life-Saving Abortion

By Kathryn Striffolino...more

Forced Sterilization: Oppressing Latin America’s Womb

The idea of an HIV-positive woman giving birth to a child may bring up issues about health and responsibility. However, the State or government agency should not hold the authority to deprive a woman of her agency and right to make decisions regarding her body. This is exactly what occurred in the case of 36-year-old Julia, a HIV-positive woman who was forcibly sterilized in Chile. ...more

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traffic-lovers and other Peruvian mysteries

Most strangeness in Lima is connected with some larger, interconnected phenomenon of strange. These little buggers don't seem to be:Why do all salespeople put your change on a little tray instead of in your hand?...more

Femme fatale: Fatal to feminism?

"Erotic Love in Spanish American Literature." Or, my final undergraduate Spanish class. It's not as raunchy as it sounds — no porn (yet), and so far the course focuses mostly on the historical context of each book we've read (i.e. post-revolution Mexico in Arráncame la vida and crime-riddled 1980s Colombia in Rosario Tijeras. ...more

Will Ecuadorian Women Achieve Political Parity Tomorrow?

Citizens of the Republic of Ecuador will go to the polls Sunday for national elections. Lola Valladares, UNIFEM’s Coordinator for the Program on Governance and Violence Against Women for the Andean region, believes that Ecuadorian women will make historic advances towards parity in parliamentary representation.   ...more

Latin American Summit - Grading Obama on his trip

Our newly-elected President Obama just returned from a trip to Trinidad to meet with leaders of Latin American nations to fortify our relationships with them. He met with Hugo Chavez and other controversial leaders and came back feeling that he made progress in opening the door to a new chapter in Latin-American/U.S. relations. Everyone feels optimistic that his charm and intelligence will signal a new era in global policy to elevate the U.S.'s image abroad. ...more

Fiber Focus Welcomes Guest Authors

I started Fiber Focus as an attempt to address cultural issues through art. My personal interest lies in finding common ground among people from many different cultural and religious backgrounds and in looking at contemporary craft production as a means of economic development. I also want the blog to reflect many other voices besides my own and have invited fiber artists, designers and sellers to write about their work. ...more


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