Les Foodites: Winter Comfort Foods

Recently, over a blustery January weekend, my husband and I sojourned to Summit, NJ to celebrate my mom's birthday with family, good friends, and comfort food....more

Perfecting the Potato Pancake

If you've been to your local market lately, you may have noticed the sudden appearance of the Chanukah shelf—that jumble of Judeo-packaged foods that appears out of nowhere around Christmas and Easter. It often includes boxes of matzo ball mix, potato pancake mix, beets in purple liquid doing their best impersonation of borscht, syrupy kosher wine, and jars of gefilte fish in dubious-looking jelly. In December, the Jewish shelf at the market signals the arrival of Chanukah, the festival of lights (and of matzo balls, apparently). The Jewish festival of lights is also a celebration of all things fried, symbolically marking the legend of the tiny vial of sacred olive oil that miraculously fueled the light of the menorah in the Jewish temple for eight days and eight nights. ...more
So far I've done sweet potato latkes, cream cheese bread, and spinach potato knishes.  Hoping to ...more

The Power of Latkes: A Shiksa's First Hanukkah

I celebrated my first Hanukkah eight years ago, back before I converted to Judaism when I was really and truly a shiksa (aka a non-Jewish woman). I had studied Judaism a bit in college, but I didn’t have any practical experience when it came to Jewish food or holiday traditions. Meanwhile, my fiancé is as Jewish as they come. Needless to say, I was slightly out of my element. ...more

I really liked reading this post. Although I didn't marry into a Jewish family and am not ...more

Weekend Menu Planning: Put Some Latkes on the Menu

Every holiday has symbolic foods, and for the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah (also called Chanukah), eating fried foods is traditional as a reminder of the miracle of Hanukkah, when a flask of oil that should have lasted for one day kept the eternal flame in the Temple in Jerusalem burning for eight days. This gave time for the Temple to be re-dedicated after its desecration by Syrian forces. ...more

Hopefully someone else will chime in, but I think they are very similar, Latkes is just the ...more

Chanukkah Food

I broke up with a boy over latkes. ...more

Oooh, I should look him up on Facebook and tell him that :-)

Melissa writes her ...more

Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien vs Skinnygirl Bethenny Frankel

            VS         ...more