Rum & Eggnog Latte

Rum & Eggnog Latte Who doesn't love this true holiday classic? This Rum & Eggnog Latte is great to enjoy during tree trimming, present wrapping... or just to celebrate the holiday season. Ingredients: ...more
om my - yummy soundingmore

Healthy Frosted Pumpkin Spice Latte (You May Start Drooling Now!)

My favorite thing about fall:PUMPKIN EVERYTHING!...more

Cafe Au Lait

You really don't need any fancy equipment or espresso machine to froth milk and make a great café au lait at home. ...more

Pumpkin Spiced Latte - Autumn in a Coffee Cup

For the first day of October, I am proposing you a delightful recipe that brings fall in a coffee cup: pumpkin spiced latte. Prepared from organic pumpkin purée and traditional fall spices such as cinnamon, cloves, star anise, ginger and a pinch of nutmeg, this delicious, flavorful coffee will warm your mornings. ...more

Cheater Chai Tea Latte

Starbucks' Chai Tea Latte is one of my favorite hot drinks (one of many). When the craving hits me at home I have a simple cheat for a mock Starbucks Chai Tea Latte that only takes about 2 minutes to make:Ingredients:...more

Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte Bliss!!!!

So- the year was 2004, I was the ripe age of 21 and it was the fall season. My sales manager (at this point in my career, he and I actually were sales partners, working for two different companies, our different companies had an agreement, he eventually came to work for the company I was working with & became my sales manager) was obsessed with coffee, I figured since I had just reached elderly age (little did I know at the time that age 21 was still basically an egg that hadn't even hatched) I should partake in coffee as well. ...more