I'm a Laundry Rebel

I didn’t do my own laundry until I went to college. ...more

I Haven't Spent a PENNY on Laundry All Year

On my quest to eliminate unnecessary waste and spending in my house, I looked to our laundry routine to see where I could trim some fat and cut some corners....more

Today's everyday poetry: colourful laundry in the sun

Today: colourful towels drying in the sun. All is well.  ...more

Hang-ups...A Reflection on Motherhood

Standing in the laundry room, taking the zillionth item from the dryer, shaking out the wrinkles with a quick “snap”, sliding a hanger in one sleeve and then the other, the pink and white striped t-shirt with the glittered front pocket falls to the ground.  Picking it up, snapping it clean again, eradicating the dog hair that has jumped onto it during its mere seconds on the floor, centering the hanger (more carefully this time), it falls....more

Time Saving Laundry Tips

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We will make it...I think...I hope...

I have some very sweet friends that are in the midst of new parenting or parenting of little's and I know that they are struggling.  Dear ones I NEED you to hear my words.  I know KNOW that you are exhausted from sleepless nights.  You can't remember the last time you actually showered where you did more than jump in and out.  You permanently have some type of bodily fluid on your clothes. You feel as if you never have adult conversations.  You don't remember what your husband actually looks like....more

Six ways to cut laundry costs

 I love doing laundry!...more

No Washing Machine? Skip the Laundromat Alternatives

No washing machine at home and hate to go to the laundromat? No problem with the new alternatives to old-fashioned type of clothes-washing....more

Adding love to laundry

I hadn’t planned on writing today, but I saw this quote on my Facebook news feed and it struck a chord with me this morning:“Today, let’s be determined to see blessings in the midst of things that seem like burdens.”  — Lysa TerKeurst...more