Our laundry room gets spruced up with some paint and inexpensive storage!

Our laundry room is basically a large closet off of our dining room/entry room in our home. Is having the laundry room in our dining room ideal? Of course not, but with an old house sometimes the only options are really not all that great. But, I digress, so far it hasn’t bother Joe or I at all, the dining room is big enough and our laundry room/closet is plenty big enough so it hasn’t at all been a problem....more

3 Steps to Simplify Your Laundry Routine

There are many excellent reasons to simplify. I expect my reasons to develop over time, but the most immediate reason for me was…laundry. Several years ago I had my sons bring all the laundry down to the basement one day and it was a literal mountain. That was one of the times that both threw me into despair and also caused me to want change and simplify....more

Top Five Money Saving Laundry Hacks

It’s been a while since I posted any laundry tips so I thought I would give you my top 5 most used, most economical and and the best time saving tricks I have found to make doing laundry not seem like such a horrible  thing.  These are tips that I have used for YEARS and they have saved me tons of money.  Take a look and let me know if any of these are your favorites too or if  you have some new ones for me that might knock these off my list!...more

Remove Stink from Workout Clothes

Up All Night To - Do Laundry

I’m now six weeks into my ex-pat experience in London, and for the most part, things are going very well. We absolutely love the city and feel so fortunate to be able to live here....more

Reality Bytes

You know those light bulb moments? The ones where you’ve been motoring along through life, doing certain things in a certain way, without considering if it was really the easiest or most efficient way of doing it, then someone or something comes along and shows you a better way? I’ve had many of those lately. I figure it’s a side effect of having brain fog for so long - now that it’s starting to clear, the light bulbs are popping off left and right....more

Before & After: Modern Laundry Room Reveal


"Gain" Such A Beautiful Smell

"Gain" A Beautiful SmellEvery time I go and visit my parents up in Washington, I always leave their house with the best smelling laundry. You may think I'm crazy but truth be told, I enjoy doing our laundry up there as I know there is a guarantee of freshness to be had in our suitcase upon arriving home in Oregon....more

Does the Laundry EVER END??

It's Friday Morning 7:10 am and I am already thinking does the laundry ever end?Up at 6am for coffee and emails, then get Kid #1 up. The slow one, the tired one, (well why do you stay up so late).  Pack #1's lunch, his backpack, his phone, his laptop, run out the door to catch the bus. Wait did you brush your teeth? Put on deoderant? Race to bus stop, s#@t did we miss the bus? Was she here already? Will I have to drive him to school? Did I pack his lunch? Phew here's the bus! (we never miss the bus)...more
No. No it doesn't and that really bugs me. ;-)more

DIY Laundry Detergent