Laundry Room Storage Details: Cabinet Accessories

Who loves to do laundry?  I'd wager many of you would prefer to do something else.  But what if you could design your laundry room to be custom made to your needs?  When designing a laundry room that is fun and is practical for chores, I believe it will make you more likely to enjoy that dreaded laundry.  Other than being a task oriented space, laundry rooms are used for storage.  Laundry room storage has now become customizable to how you use the space....more

Not Just A Laundry Room Part 1

Laundry rooms are becoming more and more popular in the home.  It's now not only a need to have a separate laundry room, but it's also a requirement for many homeowners.  The laundry room is no longer a small hidden closet space, used to only house the washer and dryer, but now is being transformed from a utility space to a multi-purpose family center.  Today I thought I'd do a 2-part series on the new focus for the laundry room....more

Spend Less Save More: Organize your Laundry room in 2013

Laundry room for me this is so important to keep organized with teenager it always seems that room is used daily. My laundry room is off my kitchen and thank goodness I’m not able to hear any of my machines in the rest of my home. So in my laundry room I take advantage of the height and my husband’s carpentry skills. I had him place a high shelf for boxes that I usually use for hiding birthday gifts in and the occasional hangers. ...more