Life's Full of Little Mysteries

I sometimes ponder life's little mysteries as I go about my daily tasks.  Today, I started wondering if anyone knows all - or any - of the answers to my questions.  Then I remembered that I have a blog! I can ask my readers and they may provide some insight.  I'm hoping someone can help me solve these mysteries....more

How To Fish For Underwear

I love that Spain is eco-friendly and that here, people tend to hang their laundry rather than stick it in the dryer.  However, here's the thing about hanging your laundry when you live in an apartment building, you will at some point or another, no matter how careful you are, drop your clothes. If your luck is as good as mine, it'll be your underwear or some other unmentionable, dropping two stories onto your neighbor's terrace, so that the first thing they see when they wake up are your pink lacy GAP panties.  GOOD MORNING!...more

A Great Off-to-College Gift: Laundry Essentials Bucket & Tips

My daughter is off to college next fall and I am collecting and making gifts for her and her two BFFs to take to college. I will put them all in the large Thirty-One totes I got each of them. My daughter has learned to do laundry, but I am still in charge of laundry in this house. I don't mind; they are responsible for the put-aways of their clothes/towels/linens. But I know once she's off to college, she will be doing it all by herself, so I wanted her to have a few essentials that she can take to the laundry room easily. ...more
@nickelshrink yep we've had that conversation many times because she currently has friends in ...more

You & Your Lingerie -- Making your relationship last longer

 LINGERIE. What’s the big deal about lingerie? Technically aren’t they’re just underwear? Which means you wear them under clothing, hence, no one else sees them right? – WRONG....more

Dirty Laundry

My washing machine has 35 ways to say, "F- you." ...more

Too Busy Living Life to Write about Life

Been away for awhile.  I have missed writing on this venue but the laptop had to go away for awhile for some repairs.   I have left Miss Minnie hanging, have not been writing about all the progress the better half has made with the new laundry room, and last but not least, putting down feelings and thoughts involved with the impending loss of a beloved pet. Our TZ Jahberbox, affectionately known as JB, is battling canine osteosarcoma.  Having already spread to the lungs at the time of diagnosis, we made the decision not to amputate the leg and shoulder ...more

Marvin Gaye and My Pajama Pants

Does anyone else hear the sweet dulcet tones of Marvin Gaye when they see their Pajama Pants? Is it just me? Let me set the stage ...more

Tales of Twin Mom Laundry

Christmas Day 2013 - the day the washing machine broke.This would be devastating to most families, but as a twin mom I can tell you it is life altering.Kids generate a lot of laundry.  Toilet training twin boys generate mountains of laundry!From their teeny tiny preemie clothes to their snowsuits, mitts and hats it has been a never ending stream of laundry since the moment my boys were born (now 2.5 years old)....more


 @Blackbeards Wyfe VERY SMART although I do feel better knowing that even THAT wonderful system ...more