One Mom Lightens Her Load—Of Laundry

It's such a cliché that I hate even to write about it. But it is my reality, and the reality of millions of parents worldwide. My life is ruled by The Laundry. The Laundry is bullshit. If I dare skip a day, it gathers in the darkened hamper and commits unspeakable acts. Dirty socks rub up against filthy shirts and they have nasty laundry sex and spawn little laundry babies. So that when I go to do the wash the next day, I stare at the piles and think, how did this happen? Didn't I just wash that?...more
Love it! So much truth here! I remember those years when it was just my husband and I ...more

Can You Divorce A Man For Slovenly Laundry Habits?

How do I get my husband to put his dirty clothes INTO the hamper? I have tried just silently picking them up myself every single day. I have tried more passive-aggressive techniques like loudly teaching my children the lesson that “we don’t leave our clothes on the floor; we put them in the hamper” at bedtime. I will completely lose my mind if my children grow up to leave a trail of jackets, shoes, work shirts, sweaters, belts, and other clothing throughout the house as he does. Please tell me you have a silver bullet for this one. ...more
I can honestly say that now that I've had an illness that has made me look at life a little ...more

Outsmart Corporations...With a Sharpie

Have you ever wondered why the measurement cups for laundry detergent are so impossible to read?Consider that the outside of your box, carton, or bottle is stamped in bright colors in a giant font. Yet the cup they send you to measure out the high performance serum (or powder) is barely legible.  This is not an accident. ...more
I've been doing this for a while..... too much detergent leads to dirty looking clothes here in ...more

A Very Vicodin Voice

I threw my back out putting away a shirt.  One shirt. Not a sweater.  Not a coat.  One of Joe's stupid Budweiser t-shirts. So now I'm on Vicodin.  I have completely lost the ability to write coherently.  Or operate heavy machinery.  Or locate my car keys.Help me out here, loyal reader.  What is the universe trying to tell me?  Ease up on the Budweiser? Laundry sucks?  Time to spend a day stoned and sitting on a heating pad?  ...more

Airing Some Dirty Laundry

A few weeks ago, in the car with several girlfriends, the topic of laundry came up. (Because, really, why would a bunch of women finally enjoying some free time together talk about anything else?) I let it fly that I don’t do my husband’s laundry. Some of my friends let out audible gasps. A couple said, “You don’t?” with hands over their hearts. And only one admitted, “Neither do I.”...more
Laundry is one of those chores that I hate -- and with three kids there is more than enough of ...more

Laundry Night is NOT Date Night

She's been married eight years. She knows her marriage is a work in progress and she doesn't have all the answers, but she will tell you this much: her horoscope, which indicated that "even laundry night is a date when it comes to spending time with your honey!" is dead wrong. What in the world are these people thinking?! ...more
i am having the same issues but backwards ... i dont know what to domore

Deal or No Deal

Mexico is considering instituting a two-year marriage contract. After two years if everything’s not peaceful in the Garden of Eden, everybody walks away free and clear. I’ve had cell phone contracts that were tougher.   And with them I could upgrade to a newer model.  Somehow I can’t see trying to trade the Captain for more advanced service.  “So it’s been almost two years.  How ‘bout I get an Admiral with handyman functions?”  “You want to trade?”  “Yep....more

Homemade Laundry Soap...

My friend Lisa has been using this recipe for YEARS, she had given it to me awhile 13years ago and I never made it.  If I added up the cost, 13 years of store bought soap, I am sure it would be significant, not to mention the number of plastic jugs that have been used and tossed away, it's shameful.Laundry Soap...more

Yes, I Am Posting about Laundry.

Please, before you tune out and think, wow, Tay is really running out of ideas here, know this!  I have a whole week's worth of article ideas lined up. Nonetheless, I feel compelled to write about that thorn in the side, that pile of work that just keeps coming with no end in sight.  Laundry....more
Laundry is my sworn enemy! It grows by leaps and bounds no matter how many loads of wash I do! ...more

Cheesecake & Restraint - Never the twain shall meet...

Busy, busy, busy <----My day. Lots to do. Although, you wouldn't know it by the rate at which I am moving. By that I mean, I'm NOT moving - just the fingers, across the keyboard...and an occasional scratch or wiping the sleep out of my eyes. Coffee appears in my hand, but I'm not entirely sure how it got there. I might want to be careful about what I type, since only my fingers are awake and lack the filter my brain often provides. brain will get over it, I'll just buy it a drink and tell it how smart it is. ...more