What is it with cats and laundry?

This happens in my house all the time, except Baxter likes to take ownership of entire baskets of clean laundry. Now I put them on something crooked so that if he gets in the whole thing will tip over on him. Haha, I win. What's that you say? Why don't I just fold them and put them away, thereby avoiding the conflict? No, that wouldn't be winning. Enjoy more notes on home, family, and laundry stealing cats at My Spinning Plates....more

Tips: Stain Removal and Laundry Solutions

Don't you wish you knew how to wash your 'Dry Clean Only' clothes at home? Think about the money you would save....more

Classes are now forming

I was taking the sheets and pillow cases out of the washing machine and putting them into the dryer. My husband, Marc, just happened to be in the laundry room at the same time washing something in the slop sink. As I grabbed the linens, he looked at me and said, “What are you doing? You can’t load the dryer that way. You have to separate each article first. Otherwise, if you put them in bunched together, they stay bunched together and they will never dry.”  With a flick of my arm I gave him the go ahead to take over the chore....more

Being Strong is Exhausting Work

So, here it is, Sunday evening and I am looking forward to having the last of the laundry folded and put away. I am looking forward to the kids finishing the dishes and then having some down time before bed. And I am looking forward to my two-and-a-half day work week!  ...more

Wow! My hat is off to you. My kids are spaced pretty well. Take it easy, and I promise you, that ...more

You Know You're Married to a Baseball Coach When...

You can tell the difference between an 82 MPH fastball and an 86 MPH fastball.  No seriously, I can.  Once after a baseball game Joe asked me what I thought of the team.  I responded, "Honestly honey, I thought our guy didn't seem to be throwing very hard."  "Well, yeah." Joe replied.  "He was only throwing about 82-84.  You're used to seeing 86-88."  Seriously?  I surprised even myself on that one. ...more

Laundry Washing Ball-True Green

Like most of us, I really, really do make an effort to act green… as long as it doesn’t add yet another complication to my already endless To-Do list. I know, that’s almost lame, but it’s my reality. Still, in my defense, know that I’m a recycling tyrant....more

The Dirty Laundry Fetish

The laundry and I are holding an uneasy truce. All the clean clothes are in three baskets piled in the bedroom, while all the dirty clothes occupy the floor in front of the laundry machine. The dryer is rumbling and the washer is waiting patiently to feed it its fifth load of laundry....more

Thanks Elana for reading! I keep trying to tell him that there are places who would love to wear ...more

Worth it? Why tide is not cool

 What’s so bad about laundry detergents anyway? Why bother buying a green detergent? A few things that are  not cool about conventional detergents:...more

My first blog-EVER!

So, this is it. My first blog, I read them all the time, and people have asked for my ideas as a busy mom before, but this is really it! So, now to lay it all out there! I have 4 adorable children, 17, 13, 9, and 5. Three boys and a girl. I am a school teacher, and very active in my community, and am part of that rapidly shrinking middle class! I am a coupon clipper, a bargain hunter, and according to my husband an incurable shop-aholic. I am also a foodie. My mom could make Martha Stewart blush, she should have been a home economics teacher....more