Yes, we live in filth. What's your point?

Moving back to Wisconsin was supposed to have been temporary. We'd planned on finding some place else wonderful to live, but, well you know, the weather here…you just can't beat snow in April! Anyway, for now we're here and let's just put it this way, I'm not hoarding any boxes for an upcoming move.So, because this living arrangement [the one with us living with my dad] was supposed to have been a pit stop, I really haven't given a flip about decorating, or installing any kind of closet organizers....more

I Don't Let Just Anyone See My Underwear

My husband and I fold laundry together. It’s one of the only chores we can share and still enjoy each other’s company, not only because it’s the only household job that neither of us has passively and purposely fumbled to get out of, but because we joke around a lot while we’re folding, like we just met....more

Laundry Ninja

I am a laundry Ninja.  Not just because I do a lot of it and am good at it (which I do and I am), not just because I have my own nemesis, the laundry troll (which I do), but because I have to do my laundry on the sly....more

The Sock Basket

The Sock Basket   ...more

Ode to Washing Machines

 I recently saw this on a friend's blog and laughed my head off.   Those words are SO true! ...more

Saving With Laundry

I am always trying to save money. I look back at my grandmother's generation and they saved everything, because they had to. We live in a disposable generation and don't try to get every use out of something that we can.Here are a few ideas in the laundry area on how to save:1. Re-use fabric softener sheets....more

Softener Sheets

My boyfriend's biggest pet peeve with me (yes, I've been able to keep a man despite my slovenly ways) is my treatment of softener sheets.  He can't understand why I never throw them away after I use them.  He finds them on the floor, under the bed, on the bed, and floating throughout the house....more

The Wash is done on Wednesdays and Weekends

When my first child was born and I found myself spending way more time than I ever thought I would in my laundry room, my mother passed on wisdom from her mother: “Call laundry a hobby and it won’t seem like a chore.” Laundry, a hobby? Was she insane? A hobby is something you do because it is a passion and a pleasure. Laundry is something I do because I can’t afford a disposable wardrobe for my family of five. ...more

i guess we all have are crazy habits.  when they leave the next your kids will remember ...more

You can't find clean socks? Not my problem.

As I write this blog post, the washer and the dryer and working noisily just to my right. Those evil machines are just a few feet away from my desk. I hate those machines but I am thankful for them. Very thankful. ...more

I kind of figured that since I already knew how to do laundry, my job was to teach my kids ...more

Button Up Your Laundry Room

  by Sarah Welch & Alicia Rockmore ...more