The War That Never Ends

I have my sights set. It's a monster I am determined to conquer. I've battled this foe many times in the past and today it stands covered in whites. On other days in the not so distant past I was met with every color of the rainbow. No matter how many times I slay this beast it returns with a vengeance. I will not be deterred in my quest. However, I may be delayed in entering the conflict. I have many pressing responsibilities that pull at my attention. ...more


Well what an exciting evening I’m having: a committee meeting, half an hour of television and now I’ve just finished sorting socks. Yes, socks – straight out of the washing machine and dryer.  ...more

Co-dependency, guilt, shame, loss and other emotions that erupt when taking care of an elderly loved one

The process of taking care of an elderly loved one usually starts out slow like any relationship. Even if its your mother and you have a relationship the beginning of the caretaking process is a new chapter in your lives that you are starting that you have not experienced before. ...more

Realized Fears: Laundry & Dentist Appointments

So yesterday I was getting my son dressed for a Christmas party. The cute hooded snowflake sweater was all ready, and pants...ah, no good options for pants! Red sweatpants (TOO Christmasy with the green sweater), burgundy sweatpants (no), brown cords with a snap that never stays closed. Sorry, buddy, cords it is- I'll try to keep the sweater pulled over the waistband for you. I'm sure your little friends won't notice, and I promise to do laundry tomorrow morning... ...more


I cracked my knee over the corner of my bed last night leaving a bruise the size of a golf ball on my knee. It usually happens when I haven't made the bed in a couple of days. The bed gets resentful it isn't being taken care. The bed will actually reach its corner out to kick me in the shins. This isn't the first time. Its a hateful bed!! ...more

As if

My friend and fellow Mama, sent the following quip to me, and if it ever DID actually happen for more than one night, let alone every night as most Mama's must do, you bet your broken backs this would be the reaction. ...more

Ten great reasons to unplug your dryer and use a clothesline instead

Cross-Posted at My “Writing Humor” class in Iowa bonded deeply with each other last summer. There’s something about writing, laughing, and nearly drowning together that will do that to people, I suppose. ...more

All Night Laundry

I was heading to bed just now, exhausted and a bit guilt-ridden over not having posted since Wednesday. I knew that I should have carved out the time to post, but I couldn't be deterred from that one goal: falling into bed. I was almost there, I had the bed within my line of vision, when my son uttered the words that undoubtedly send a chill through every weary parent's overworked heart. Those dreaded five words? " I have no more underwear." ...more

"Laundry Lust"

This posting isn't about sitting atop vibrating spin cycles or meeting Mr. ...more

Why My House Is Not Perfect!

Are you a stay at home mom? Is your house spotless? Mine is not and this post is about why it is not perfect! :)   http://mysouthernhippiemarriedmomoffourlife. ...more