Laura Bennett of "Project Runway" Cuts Her Own Hair (Yes, Really!)

Laura Bennett is easily my favorite "Project Runway" contestant ever, both for her clean, classic designs and for her willingness to speak up when it mattered (Bennett issued an eleventh-hour challenge of Season 3 winner Jeffrey Sebelia's final collection, assserting that he hadn't done his finishing work himself). She managed all this while pregnant with her sixth child -- and she looked great the entire time. ...more

I don't watch the show but this post caught my eye because I wish I had the guts to chop off ...more

Attention offspring: You're my favorite

There are certain things that my children know: My husband makes the best pancakes, their dad will always spring for donuts, and I'm the one who reminds them to do their homework and practice piano. Oh, and also, they know that they're my favorite. ...more

I see what you mean about the joking potentially being taken seriously, Elana. My daughter, in ...more